Valorant: This is Amorant, the dating simulator in which you can link Cypher and walk with Killjoy

We all know how Internet works. You do not have a good character in a video game if 50 fanfics and illustrations of him or her do not appear as a great romantic interest for the author. What is already less common is that it is the community itself that gets to work to create a new spin-off video game that converts a shooter as Valorant into a quotation simulator. And that is the case of Amount .

From the Riot Games joke by April’s Fools of 2021 , which fans took the idea of a Dating Sim based on the world of Valorant, and have been working since that date on the project. This riot joke, called Agents of Romance , caught in a group of fans to the point of starting to get to work to create Amount .

Riot Games supports the project

In an interview granted to Games just a few weeks ago by the chief developer of Amount, called Bebop, he commented on the following:The rioters I have spoken with have been tremendously friendly and are ensuring that we represent Valorant in a way correct and respectful _.

In a recent tweet by the official project account, this relationship with Riot Games **:Amount is made with the approval of Riot Games. We are not sponsored or backed by Riot and its affiliates _. In fact, they come to comment that this means that they cannot distribute keychains for our weapons in the game.

They define themselves as a group of fans who want to shake hands with their favorite agents. It is the first project of many of them within the development of video games and, based on their relationship with Riot Games, there is no other than to think about Amount as in a free to play video game, since they cannot take economic performance from it.

will come out next year

The head of the project comments that the game has two objectives: to be a fan creation that celebrates the existence of Valorant, as well as a first step in the development of many of the creators immersed in the project.

There is an approximate launch date of Amount by April 2023 , that is, within 6 months. It will not be an especially long or demanding title, since it is based on illustrations and static dialogues so typical of the dating simulator genre. But we can always expect delays in an industry as volatile as the video game.