Genshin Impact Dreams Beneath The Searing Sand – Golden Slumber quests

Dreams under the sand scorching-a fourth part of the world chain of tasks Golden Dream, which tells about the excavations of the archaeological group in the depths of the Hajj-Nisut.

How to unlock the world task Dreams under the sand scorching pure in Genshin Impact

In order to unlock this local task, you must first go to the Poster desert and visit the village of Sara, where you can take the chain of the Golden Sleep tasks. You must perform the following quests:

  • Lost in the sand
  • Introduction to internal archeology
  • The secret of Alhambra

As soon as you finish with all of the above, you automatically unlock Dreams Beneath Searing Sand.

How to complete the world task Dreams under the sand scorching pill in Genshin Impact

The quest will invite you to return to Sober oasis to regroup with the rest of the team, which you can do through the track point of the teleport. As soon as you get to the camp, you must defeat the hermits . After the dialogue, you need to go to a new camp near the dunes of Katees.

Search Hajj-Nisut

After the next round of conversations with the team under the starry sky, you must go to Hajj-Nisut, giant ruins northeast of the desert. You need to climb the stairs to a cliff behind a locked control unit (where the arrow indicates at the top) to run the next part of the quest. Follow the marker of the quest to the nearest hermit camp and defeat all enemies.

Seek the evidence in the Hermit camp

In this segment, you must interact with luminous points of investigation in order to look for evidence. They are located in the following places:

  • On the box for jet ht and derail
  • In front of the tents down the stairs (in the photo above)

After interacting with all three luminous points of research, talk with jab rail continue.

Pass three trials

In this segment, you need to go through three tests to the north, west and south of Hajj-Nisut. Enter the entrance in the form of a pyramid in each area marked with a quest marker on the world map to continue. You can make them in any order -see below step-by-step guides for each puzzle:

  • First test (West)
  • Second test (north)
  • Third test (south)

Find the way to Hajj-Nisut

After passing the three tests, the control unit outside the Hajj-Nisut will be unlocked. So go to the track point of the teleport and enter the nearest clearing to interact with the control unit. A small video will start, scattering the barrier surrounding the ruins in front of it. You unlock the achievement of Wonders of the World called Fata morgana .

Then use the signs of four leaves to move to the entrance where there is another control device with which you must interact to open the door.

Explore the lower floor of the Hajj-Nisut.

Once inside the last ruins, turn left Find a hole leading down. Do not pay attention to the large fan blades and use the jump in the jump so as not to get into the air. You must dive twice down to get to the lower floor, where a giant mechanism is in the center of the room.

Activate the pedestal (s) of secret rites

As soon as you go down, you will find control in front of you. Just interact with it to complete this segment, then go a few steps forward to continue.

Activate the mechanism in the center of the hall

Then you need to activate the giant mechanism, directing the three original coals in the area-their location was marked by the marker of the quest on the map of the world and the mini-card. You can find a complete step-by-step guide on how to fulfill this part, having familiarized yourself with our guidance on how to activate the mechanism in the center of the hall.

go to the top floor of the Hajj-Nisut.

Follow in the direction of the quest marker to find a large fan bad. Wait until it turns on , then use the air to rise up. You will find yourself in a room filled with soaring platforms.

control the prism of the Hajj-nisut and try to get to the upper floor of the Hajj-Nisut.

Use a four-leaf printing to move to the platform with a red device called the prism of Hajj-nisut. When it shines red, you can control the situation of all red platforms. And if it shines blue, you can control the situation of all red platforms. You can interact with the prism to choose the preferred command: the switch changes its color and controls the platforms.

To solve this riddle, you must interact with the prism in this exact order :

  1. The switch
  2. Work
  3. The switch
  4. Work
  5. The switch
  6. Work
  7. Work

If you made a mistake or forgot, you can re-enter the system to restart the puzzle.

As soon as you correctly decided the puzzle, the game will divert your attention to the switch on the wall. Use the sign of four leaves to push yourself to the switch, then interact with it to knock down the elevator. Step on elevator and interact with it to go to the upper floor of the Hajj-Nisut.

defeat Sam ail’s subordinates

As soon as you find yourself on the top floor, continue to go forward to call a dialogue between the team of archaeologists and Sam ail. After that, you must defeat three waves Fate and Eremites. This will cause a new dialogue between the characters.

Escape from Hajj-Nisut

Return and jump into the hole to get to the lower floor, then continue to move forward and jump down to go through the barriers and get to the lower floor. Once on the ground, follow the direction of the quest marker Find the way out. There are no time restrictions for this segment, so do not panic. If you fail, you can always try again. As soon as this part ends, you will enter into a dialogue with the team and, in the end, disbanded in the village of Ara, completing a local task. You unlock the achievement of Summer: The Gilded Desert-Series I called sleep, brother…

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