Overwatch 2 cosmetic types

Overwatch 2 is here with all new cosmetics in addition to sprays, emotions, skins, etc. As in the original game, cosmetics in overwatch 2 do not give players any advantages and are used exclusively for aesthetic reasons and make the game exciting.

Thanks to many settings in Overwatch 2, using this cosmetics, you can configure your character or weapon you use. You can provide your character with voice lines, or you may have emotions to bend your opponents after a good murder or use.

Overwatch 2 cosmetic type

For OW2, four types of new cosmetics have been produced in addition to already available categories; Boots for weapons, registered cards, the titles of players and souvenirs.

Bears for weapons

Fat for weapons in OW2 are used to change the appearance of the weapon that you use. You can apply as many spells for weapons to your weapon as you want. In fact, they are used for personalization purposes.

For example, a special amulet for weapons can be your proprietary weapon style. You can put on a charm on any weapon of the hero you like.

cards with names

Cards with names mainly set up career profile. If you do not know what career profile is, it is an extensive profile that includes everything about your game; How many hours have you played, what a rank you have, what heroes do you use.

Thus, players use this profile to determine their strengths and weaknesses. What this cosmetics will do is the banner on top of your career profile.

titles of players

The player’s title is, in fact, your nickname in Overwatch 2. This is another cosmetic product to improve your profile. Along with your original name, you can also add a second name.


Souvenirs are the unique and crazy cosmetics that you can have in OW2. You have many items that can be equipped for your character and which can be used emotions in the game.

Souvenirs are mainly a mixture of sprays and emotions. Instead of your character to perform emotion, he mainly holds this souvenir in the air, which is very similar to wall spray.

However, instead of players have to look for your spray on the walls, they can easily see a player holding a souvenir.