Some major staff are unintentionally from the developer of the highly evaluated RPG Disco Elidium. Is the possibility of sequel development?

The developer ZA/UM of the RPG Disco Elysium , which had a high reputation, revealed that some major staff involved in the work had left the studio. Overseas media PC Gamer and others report.

Disco Delirium is an RPG released in 2019. In June this year, the Japanese version was released as Disco Delirium the Final Cut. In this work, a detective of amnesia is involved in a murder case and pursues the truth of the case with his partner. There are many personalities in the hero’s brain, and it features a deep and flexible gameplay while interacting with them. He has received a high reputation and has been awarded numerous awards since its launch.

Martin Luigi, a member of ZA/UM, said on October 1st, on October 1st, Robert Kurtz, Art Director Aleksander Rostov, and Lighthriter Helen Hinder. He revealed that he was retired from the studio. Regarding Rostov and Hinder, the facts of retirement can be confirmed from each LinkedIn profile. KURTZ and Rostov were also members of ZA/UM, led by the development of this work.

Luigi commented that they were reluctant to leave ZA/UM. Although he did not mention the specific reasons, he mentioned the existence of Kleptomaniac and suggested that there was some change in the studio environment. According to his explanation, the people seemed to have worked to acquire the initial investment in the studio, but as a result, they seemed to be skillfully deprived of the studio’s initiative. Luigi states that it is their usual way, and one of them has been convicted of investment fraud.

Luigi states that the main development staff of Disco Delirium has left the studio is bad news for fans who were expecting a sequel. It is unknown whether there was a possibility of sequel development, but it is true that the members who played a central role left ZA/UM. You can see that it is a difficult situation. On the other hand, he commented that this case was just an organization, and it may take some time, but the hope for the sequel has not been completely cut off. In the future, the staff may be gathering again in some way.

Luigi has also announced that it has decided to dissolve ZA/UM as Cultural Association. Originally, the studio was established in 2009 as a group that handles all art, such as art, music, and novels. It was only in 2016 that we started game development. He said it would be no longer an organization with the spirit of establishment, and would be dissolved. The ZA/UM as a game development studio will survive separately from him.

The ZA/UM seems to have already begun to develop the next work, and has been recruiting staff for many positions in recent months. Although the contents of the next work are unknown, the recruitment guidelines are using Unreal Engine 5 and have skills to build an outside environment, and they are looking for artists who are interested in science fiction and universe (Rock Paper Shotgun). The studio will be paying attention to what kind of new work will be handled.