It is rumored that Harrison Ford would be General Ross in Thunderbolts

Officially we will have a film dedicated to the group of antiheroes called the Thunderbolts, whose alignment of characters has been announced through the last D23 . However, there is someone who has not yet been confirmed, the General Ross , because unfortunately the actor we saw in previous tapes already died a while ago.

Now, a new rumor points out that Marvel Studios possibly gets an important actor for the film. According to producer J EFF Snider , the icon of Star Wars E Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, would be the best study option to star in this film. However, no official approval has been commented by the study.

Last hour through the Podcast The Hot Mic: Although Marvel experts deny that he has been chosen for the film at this time, several sources indicate that Harrison Ford is or was the best study option to star in Thunderbolts as the general himself. It is not clear if he has already happened…


The original actor, William Hurt, played Ross in the MCU dead and incredible hulk in 2008 to Black Widow in 2021 . Hurt died on March 13, 2022 for complications derived from cancer that had been diagnosed since 2018 . However, this film needed this character, so it was inevitably looking for a replacement.

The participation of Harrison Ford is not yet confirmed. The film opens next July 24, 2024.