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How to open the Road of Lament Abyssal Dungeon dungeon in Lost Ark?

Crying road is bottomless dungeon that you can reap the fruits during the game Lost ark . This is the first dungeon that you need to go in the target area of the arrogance of arrogance before forge of the fallen pride . Access to it can be obtained after passing the main storyline in Born , more precisely, a quest called Stop Belarus . After that, you need to make sure that your object level is not lower than 840 before you can enter.

How to go through the Road of Lament Abyss dungeon in Lost Ark

In this dungeon of the abyss there are two bosses that you need to win to go: Kazan as well as Kyra .

Kazan -this is the first boss that you will encounter, and, of course, one of the most annoying. He has a mechanic named carousel this will happen once when he has eight strips of health, and once again, when he has four. He will go to the center of the map and will let black rays out of the hands during rotation.

There are two ways to get around this depending on which option is found:

  1. Entering a safe zone that will appear immediately around the Kazan and bypassing its rays.
  2. Entering a safe zone that appears at a distance from it, turning the area directly around it into the defeat zone.


At one time, Kazan will celebrate some players with the goals that create a round field of action that acts during the action of this mechanics. When this happens, it is best to go to the far edge of the map, so that it is easier to avoid its rays.

The second boss, Kyra , requires small command communication in advance. Before starting the battle, each player must determine the position of his hours to the cardinal points. For example, one player will be in a twelve-hour position, and the remaining three players will be in three, six and nine-hour positions.

This becomes important when Kyra begins to send the gold and red spheres. You need to encounter the gold spheres in the positions set as soon as possible so that a gold aura forms around you. With the help of this aura, you must destroy another set of red spheres flying to Kyle before they touch him.

If two or more players do not receive a gold aura, then the group will be automatically destroyed by a disposable mechanics.

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