Pokemon Go: Yveltal Loss – the 20 best counterattacks in the RAID

We reveal you the most effective counterattack against Vestal and also which kinds it is weak (type effectiveness).

* Figure out the best counterattack against Vestal Pokemon Enter the guide here. We reveal you the most effective movements as well as attackers. You can beat the boss in Raids. |

What is Vestal for a Pokémon? Vestal is a legendary Pokémon as well as is among the kinds Sunlight and also trip. In maintaining with the Fashion Week 2022, it is relocating back right into the Raids and also is readily available for the very first time as Shiny.

vestal counterattack in the raid-with these opponents


  1. Crypto-Raikou with rumbling shock and also electrical energy
  2. mega-voltenso with thunder tooth and also power
  3. Variant with rumbling shock and filling influence
  4. Crypto-Zapdos with thunder shock and rumbling flash
  5. mega-aerodactyl with rock toss and rock hailstorm
  6. Zero with charging beam of light as well as stream
  7. Crypto elevated with rumbling shock as well as stream
  8. Crypto Maine zone with jumping triggers and also streams
  9. Voltages (pet spirit shape) with volt adjustment as well as thunder flash
  10. Crypto-mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
  11. Crypto-Guardevoir with appeal as well as magic license
  12. Crypto despot with a catapult and stone edge
  13. Thornier with a catapult as well as rock thrower
  14. Crypto-Luxtra with leaping triggers and streams
  15. Ramadan with a catapult and hail of rock
  16. Haiku with thunder shock as well as electricity
  17. Crypto-Snibunna with ice splinter as well as avalanche
  18. Elevated with thunder shock as well as electrical energy
  19. Crypto-aerodactyl with stone toss as well as rock hail storm
  20. mega-simsala with counter and magic certificate

Exactly how numerous trainers do you need? With the best counterattacks at a high level, you can defeat the boss for three.

Exists Shiny Vestal? Yes, with good luck you can find as well as catch stunning Vestal in Pokémon Go.

Weaknesses of Vestal: The Pokémon is one of the kinds Sunlight and also flight as well as is for that reason specifically at risk to rock, electric, ice and fairy. In Raids, primarily relies on assaults and Pokémon of this kind to defeat Vestal.

Discover out the ideal counterattack versus Vestal Pokemon Go in the guide here. What is Vestal for a Pokémon? Vestal is a famous Pokémon and is one of the types Sunlight as well as flight. Just how several instructors do you require? ** With the finest counterattacks at a high degree, you can defeat the employer for 3.