[Planning] Lets check with JBLs cost -effective product! Gaming Headset VS Earphone Competition

There are so many challenges in the world. From the time, I asked here and there, I like my mom, dad? Life is a pull at that moment, but when you ask these questions, it is difficult to think that ‘I should talk about something as a whole’. A while ago, it was a perfect beer in the chicken, and it was quite chilly at night, and it was quite chilly at night.

In the hardware world, there is a crossroads of this choice, but there will be no field of taste as much as the headset and earphones, except for brand warfare. One day, even though I want to use a simple earphone that can be used in my pocket, even though I want to focus on the game for a few hours, I find a tool that gives a higher immersion.

The positions of each other are largely divided into What do you hate? For gamers who prefer a headset, it is inconvenient to dismiss the convenience of earphones with lightness. If you want to eat steamed bread, you have to chew red beans. On the contrary, gamers who prefer earphones don’t like physical frustration. In particular, there are a lot of users who are unpleasant in summer.

In my favorite brand, I want to introduce a product that sells gamers well. JBL is a famous Bluetooth speaker. JBL is a brand of Herman, a sound device company, and Haman is currently a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

Nowadays, JBL is introducing a variety of products targeting gamers as well as existing lineups. As the roots are acoustic companies, the performance of the product is also satisfactory. The high-price products are the brands that have a good price and are also a favorite brand because of their good price performance.

JBL Quantum (Quantum) is a gaming lineup of JBL, which provides gamers with the best game environment by melting the know-how of JBL, an acoustic company. JBL Quantum products in the advanced lineup provide ergonomic designs that allow gamers to use their products comfortably, head tracking that enhances immersion and surround sound and noise-canceling, and directional microphones and software compatibility and support to help with comfortable voice chat.

The JBL Quantum 350 wireless gaming Headset (hereinafter referred to as the JBL Quantum 350 Gaming Headset) is a stall model, supporting 7.1-channel quantum surround, a huge 40 mm driver, up to 22 hours of playback time and 252g light weight of 252g It is a wireless gaming headset of cost-effectiveness. In addition to PCs, Mac, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, it is possible to adjust sound through separate software.

‘JBL Quantum 50 Gaming Earphone (JBL Quantum 50 Earphones)’ is equipped with an 8.6 mm dynamic driver. In fact, rather than functionally, the design is my style. It is a gaming earphone with a quantum signature sound that does not miss the sound, intuitive and convenient controller, and is highly accessible. Of course, you can connect with a variety of console devices, including PCs.

Sound equipment is immersive ~! Light Wireless Headset, JBL Quantum 350 Gaming Headset

JBL Quantum 350 wireless gaming Headset

Classification: Over-Ear wireless headset

Connection method: Wireless 2.4GHz (USB receiver enclosure)

Controller: Integral type (headset left)

Band type: Rotating slider type (6th)

Driver size: 40 mm

Channel support: 7.1 channel quantum surround

**Headset resistance and sound pressure: 32 ohm / 115db

Headset frequency: 100Hz ~ 10kHz

Microphone: Designated Flexible Boom Microphone (100Hz frequency ~ 10kHz)

# Charging time: Up to 22 hours / up to 2 hours of charging, quick charging support

Software Support: JBL Quantum engine software

weight: 252g

Component: USB wireless receiver / USB a to C cable / removable boom microphone / microphone windshield form

Price: 149,000 won (based on 22.09.23 Samsung.com)

Whatever, anywhere! JBL Quantum 50 earphones

JBL Quantum 50 gaming earphones

Classification: Wired kernel-type earphones

Connection method: Wired / 3.5 mm

Driver type: 8.6 mm / Dynamic driver

Controller: Remote Controller

** Earphone resistance and sound pressure: 16 ohm / 97db

Headset frequency: 20Hz ~ 20kHz

Mike: Built-in remote control (100Hz frequency ~ 10kHz)

weight: 21.5g

Cable: Para cord / 1.2 m / l

* Components: 2 pairs of extra ear tips (3 pairs including body) / Enhancement agent

Price: 49,000 won (22.09.23 Samsung.com)

Personally, headsets and earphones are different depending on their use or condition. The day I thought, Today I should use a headset, I think it was while enjoying the recent World of Warcraft: Rich King’s Rage Classic immediately after the launch of ‘Gather Animal Forest’. I would have been able to talk consistently if I enjoyed the general game. No, it might be more appealing in that it is used when you want to be immersed in the genre. If you have something in common, you often get a lot of such stimuli when you play a game late at dawn.

On the contrary, what I thought was today is earphones! The head was very long, and I even went out in the summer. Whatever you do, it’s very annoying just to wear clothes because of the sticky weather, but it’s unpleasant to imagine that something is covering your ears. In this case, I prefer a substantial earphone.

JBL Quantum 350 Gaming Headset Product Photo


JBL Quantum 50 Earphone Product Photo


The JBL Quantum 350 Gaming Headset offers a 7.1-channel surround and weighs 252g with a light wireless headset. Price, performance and design are both light cost-effective products. The band control function also provides up to six stages, so you can use it freely according to the gamer’s body structure. Personally, because it uses the voice chat provided by in-game, it didn’t touch much, but it was a product that obtained the Discord authentication, so if you are a gamer who frequently uses deck, it will be helpful in terms of scalability.

The main activity area is a PC, but sometimes it is good to be compatible with various devices as a gamer who turns on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, it provided a dedicated software to customize the surround sound, audio equalizer micro-adjustment, and microphone tuning.

The JBL Quantum 50 earphones started with design and enjoyed all the time thanks to the satisfactory performance for the price. In particular, the para code finishing cable, which is hard to find on earphones of less than 50,000 won, a big driver unit for competitive products, and a design that is not burdensome. Although the price and weight were light, it was an earphone with a certain shot. Overall, I liked the earphones of less than 50,000 won. I think I’ll buy it soon with the sub earphone to be comfortable.

The price and the quality of the product were satisfactory, but the biggest advantage of this product is that it is JBL. The hardware products I have experienced are often inversely proportional to price and A/S. JBL products are handled by Samsung.com, so it will be incomparable with other competitors in terms of maintenance. Of course, I didn’t break down when I used this product.

If you are a gamer who needs sound devices such as headsets or earphones to use comfortably, it is recommended that you look at JBL Quantum brand products. As a brand specializing in sound equipment, you can meet various lineups according to budget and function. Oh, I personally started with the logo, and it was great to have personality without the design of the overall product itself.