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What are siphons of spirit in Dragon Ball the Breakers?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetric survival game of 7 to 1, in which players are haunted by the villains Dragon Ball Z, such as Cell and Frieze, when trying to escape. Players trying to escape have at their disposal some tools, such as vehicles, dragon balls and siphons of spirits.

Spirit Siphons are the ability of characters that can be used in games by turning on. Spirit Siphons contain the strength of one character Dragon Ball Z, which gives the players of their super-stake, costumes and shape when turning on. You can assign your character three levels of pumping the spirit that are used to determine the abilities that you get at every strengthening.

How to get siphons of spirit in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Spiritual siphons can be purchased in the main lobby on the right side of the region near the trunks. Spiritual siphons can be purchased for Zen, TP or tickets. Tickets are most likely issued as an event currency, but this can change after beta testing.

After buying a spiritual siphon, you can equip it in the pause menu in the lobby, moving to the Battle Settings. Here, your levels of the dragon change can be tuned with the help of different characters, coupe rats and costumes.

How to use Siphons of Spirit in Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Spiritual siphons are used during the change of the dragon in the gameplay. To achieve the change of the dragon, you must strengthen your character by finding cubes of strength on the map. Your level of power is displayed in the lower left corner and after reaching 1 becomes accessible to the change of the dragon. Then you can change the dragon using the forces of your wind siphons.

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