When exactly does the home screen Genshin Impact change the time of day?

Genshin Impact is a carefully thought-out game with many small details that players often lose sight of. Whether it is Claymore of the old mercenary, reminiscent of the protagonist Final Fantasy VII Klaus Straight, or Arthur’s non-game character, pulling a stone sword, Hoovers always comes up with new puzzles for players. One of these puzzles is the main screen of the game that visually and musically changes depending on the time of day. Join us, and we will determine the exact time of changing the main screen to Genshin Impact.

В какое время домашний экран Genshin Impact меняет время суток?


How much does the time of day change on the main screen genshin impact?

According to Loyola from Knitting, the main screen displays four time of day, including dawn, day, twilight and night. These screens change depending on the time of day of your device and can be changed by displacing the clock of your device. First setting dawn what is happening from from 4:30 to 7: 59 . On this screen, a soft yellow light breaking through the clouds, and a quiet orchestration of the main topic.

Second settings day what is happening from from 8:00 to 16: 59 . This screen is accompanied by bright blue clouds and a cheerful variation of the main topic. The third setting twilight which lasts from from 17:00 to 18: 59 . This version depicts a wonderful golden hour with a warm light pouring from the sun, and a gentle performance of the main topic. The fourth and last installation night which extends from from 19:00 to 4: 29 . This screen contains a landscape of dark clouds, as well as the choral variation of the main topic.

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