Neopin, blockchain P2E platform Zemeter and strategic partnership

Neo pin, a blockchain company, announced on the 19th that it has signed a strategic business agreement with the blockchain P2E platform Emitter to expand the dep other service and token ecosystem.

This agreement allows you to swap ‘EMIT’, a key currency of Demeter, with the blockchain token through the Neo pin Swap Service. Depending on the deposit ratio, NOT (Neo pin Token) can be rewarded.

Demeter is also publishing the publishing of ‘Abyss On Emit’ following the launch of NFT Marketplace and ‘Dragon Gaza Origin On Emit’ onboarding.

Neo pin applies security guidelines such as KYC identification (KYC) certification system and funds for money laundering (AML) policy to promote ‘trust’ and ‘stability’. It is connecting and expanding ecosystems by P2E (Play to Earn), S2E (Service to Earn), and NFT around the demo services such as speaking, Yield Farming, and Swap.


Neo-Pin’s parent company Neo Fly is a subsidiary of Neo wiz Holdings. It has started operating nodes since 2018 and has technical know-how and experience in the blockchain business, such as the Clayton Governance Committee activities and the operation of the virtual asset wallet service ‘Unblocks’ since 2019.

Masung Min Neo pin Chief Technology Officer (CTO) said, We will create a joint synergy based on Neo pin’s Devi Technology and Game IP and P2E platform. I will create a blockchain ecosystem.

The consultation with Neo pin, which is expanding to P2E and NFT based on the Delhi service, is very meaningful, he said. I believe it will be the cornerstone.