Ibai Llanos again to do: it will broad

IAI Llanos will broadcast another great sporting event on its Twitch channel. This is the ACB Super Cup, where the creator of Basque content will broadcast Bets against Real Madrid, corresponding to one of the semifinals of the tournament. The clash will be on Saturday, September 24 at 18: 30 hour Peninsular of Spain.

In addition, this comes with another great news, especially for their followers living in Latin America . The meeting will also have a sign for them, so they can enjoy the first major tournament of the Spanish basketball season and with the incentive of having Real Madrid, which will face a new stage after the controversial departure of Pablo Last from the Merengue entity

A lot of sports tradition on your Twitch channel


Despite its long career in electronic sports, since starting in 2020 to make directly daily IAI, the content creator has always had or created events with sport as the main theme. Without going any further, A week ago they launched the 3×3 tournament that had numerous content creators, and finally took Team Heretics in an infarction final against KOI.

As far as sports signals are concerned, IAI has already made two large broadcasts on its channel. First, the Copa América , which brought together thousands of people in their channel despite the bad schedules in many sections of the tournament and that the signal was only for Spain. And more recently the Ligue 1 in which they commented several games, among them, that of Messi’s debut with the elastic of the PSG., Leaving us one of the greatest pearls of Miguel Quinton when, in a Public of Pepsi, he mentioned to the competition, playing a bad pass the subconscious