New trailer of Chucky season 2 is released

One of the most expected series for this end of the year is Chucky’s second season, since the first managed to catch fans of this doll possessed by the soul of a murderer. And now, so that the emotion for the premiere continues to rise, a new trailer has been released in which the horror elements are clearly noticed.

In this new season we will see the return of iconic characters such as Tiffany , and you can see that the main stage of the plot is about the doll challenging Hell Holy. This is added somewhat questionable action scenes, since the black humor that characterizes this production will be done more than present in the chapters.

Here you can check it:

For those who have not taken a look at the Chucky series, this is their synopsis:

Chucky is the continuation of the iconic film franchise that recounts the murderous adventures of the murderous doll. In the series it crosses with archenemies, old allies and new dams, while seeking to inspire fear and chaos wherever I go. After their diabolical plan to invade United States children Alvin Alan Lind), along with his former Tiffany, now his enemy jury.

The new season opens on October 5 at Star Plus (in the case of Latin America).