[ZD Review] 100,000 won price ratio health care smartwatch.made fit GTS 4 mini

Made Fit, a Chinese smart wearable device company, launched the smartwatch ‘Amaze Fit GTS 4 Mini’ on the 8th of last month.

After renting the product for about two weeks, I thought it was a ‘cost-effective’ product that had a good health care assistance.

It features a 24-hour health care monitoring such as sleep and heart rate, a battery that can be used for about a week for full charge, and waterproofing. This was not enough or overflowing to use in a monotonous daily life that repeats the house and the company. The launch price is 13,900 won. It looked appropriate for performance.

The display of the Made Fit GTS 4 mini is 1.65 inches. The main body is 36.33 mm and the length is 41.8 mm long. If you wear it on an adult woman’s wrist, it fits well. The body shape is a round corner. On the other hand, the design of the Apple Watch and the design did not feel new.

The product weight, including the strap, weighs 31.2g. There was no burden to wear all day. The strap is silicon, and the colors are Midnight Black, Flamingo Pink, Mint Blue and Moonlight White. The photo is a flamingo pink model.

The watch face displays time, date, weather, battery, and heart rate. This can be set according to your taste. In addition, five satellite positioning systems show real-time weather information according to the location. If you lower the default screen down, there is a flashlight function. Often used in a dark room.

■ 24 hours health monitoring

The 24-hour health monitoring function was faithful to the basics. It supports heart rate, stress level, blood oxygen saturation, sleep quality measurement, step-by-step, women’s health aid.

Heart rate, stress level, and blood oxygen saturation can be set automatically every 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes. When activating related warning notifications, blood oxygen saturation continues below a certain level. If each function is operated manually, measure is measured for 45 seconds.

Health records measured by smartwatches can be seen in detail in conjunction with the smartphone app ‘EPP’. The app accumulates and analyzes data every day, week, month, and year.

For example, it gives an average for a number of steps and compares the increase in movement compared to the previous week. If you set a daily step target, you can check the continuous number of continuous days. He was naturally aware of how much he approached his own target, which was influenced by increasing the amount of activity.

■ Sleep quality measurement and the battery is used for a week

The sleep measurement function was useful thanks to its ultra-light and cost-effective products. It was not burdensome to wear the product weight (31.2g) and silicone straps.

In addition, as it is a ‘price ratio’ product, the battery lasted only for a long time, so it was worn at night after wearing it all day long.

Normally, premium smartwatch products with high strength functions can be used for 1-3 days, so they can be used all day long and then charging at night. This is why you want to measure sleep quality every day.

However, the product has a relatively simple function and has a battery capacity of 270mAh, so it can be used for up to 15 days for full charge. In fact, after completely charged, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation were also used for about a week while activating automatic measurements.

The sleep measurement function measures the total sleep time, deep sleep, shallow sleep, and REM time to score. This, too, accumulates data every day, week, month, and year to calculate the average.

■ Support 120 sports mode for waterproofing

When I exercised, I helped me to set my target and achieve it. Select the desired exercise, and enter the target time to inform you of the achievement rate after completing the exercise. When exercising, it appears in real time, heart rate, and calorie real time.

This product supports 120 sport modes, including outdoor running, cycling, yoga, indoor accommodation, and soccer. It can be resumed after pause during exercise mode, and also measures anaerobic and aerobic exercise and recovery time.

In particular, this product maintains waterproof performance in up to 50 m freshwater. Amalfi explained that it can also be worn in water sports. In fact, I didn’t ride water-skiing in the river, but I soaked the product in the tap water and executed the health measurement function.

Even in tap water, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and stress were measured. After drying out of the water, it worked without any problem. As it is an electronic device, excessively soaked in water will cause problems, but it can be useful for rainy days or water sports.

In addition, you can interlock with your smartphone to display text messages, KakaoTalk, and telephone notifications. However, it cannot be opened because it cannot be opened by a carrier.

In terms of consumers, Amazed GTS 4 Mini is a good product for easy health care in everyday life. This is because only the right core health function is included at the early 100,000 won price. Smartwatch beginners and life patterns are recommended for relatively monotonous users.

Of course, premium products are suitable for those who need telephone and sending functions, or enjoy high-strength exercises such as mountain and scuba diving.