Who is the stranger of the fireball in the rings of power?

If you are wondering Who is the stranger of the fireball in The Rings of Power This is what he needs to know.

In the first episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the final scenes show most of the main characters looking up and noticing a giant fire ball that falls in cascade by heaven. The Flame Efigie crashes near a town in Harfoots and is quickly explored by one of the Harfoots, Elanor ‘Nori’ Brandyfoot. Upon arriving at the fireball site, she sees a giant elder of decrepit appearance that lay in the wake of the explosion, surrounded by a crater on fire.

Theories of who is the stranger in Lotr: Rings of Power

Image source: HBO Max through Nori’ Brandyfoot

Anyone’s first assumption should be Gandalf due to something recognizable. It was never clear to the public of Lotr’s films what was Gandalf’s background history, and this series would be a good starting point for its origin on the screen.

Magician, or Ishtar, Gandalf the gray was originally called Olórin and belonged to the Maiar. In the world of Tolkien, the Maiar are spirits that helped the other designated spirits, the Valar. Valar are the powers of Arda, whose duty was to shape the world called Arda. Beyond these details, there are four different clues that can prove that the stranger is Gandalf.

The first track is connected to Gandalf in the movie The Hobbit: an unexpected trip. At the beginning of the film, there is a scene in which Bilbo remembers the past and remembers his first meeting with Gandalf. After Bilbo locks himself inside his house, Gandalf records a brand at the Bilbo Gate. Like the stranger, both characters show preference for carving and engraving.

In the movie Lotr: The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf was taken prisoner by Saruman in Isengard on the Orthanc. Gandalf extended his hand and caught what seemed to be a large moth. He then spoke to the moth and felt it fly. This perfectly reflects the scene in which the stranger spoke with the fireflies.

In the second film Lotr: The Two Towers, Gandalf faces a balrog in an epic battle. Gandalf shouts and describes himself as the secret fire servant, carrier of anor flame. This third track links the stranger with the giant fireball of heaven and his affinity with the flames.

The last track is also seen in the Lotr films trilogy. When Gandalf yells Frodo on the unique ring, the exact effects of winds and shadows occur, similar to when the stranger shouts Nori.

The stranger exhibits powerful magical skills and is neither elf nor dwarf. What complicates the matter is that the Rings of Power series does not strictly follow books. Connecting the rings of power series with the book timeline is impossible.

Another possibility could involve Sauron, who also started as a maiar in Arda. However, in tradition, he would return in the second age under the appearance of Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, and claim to be an emissary of the Valar spirits. However, in this incarnation, the stranger seems too different to be portrayed as Sauron.

Finally, the stranger could be a completely new character created specifically for the program. Adding new characters is a common practice with adaptations from book to screen. Ultimately, the public will know soon enough as the series advances with each episode. That is all you need to know about Who is the stranger of the fireball in The Rings of Power .

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