All Roblox Critical Legends chest places

Roblox Critical Legends is a wonderful video game mode that has been around for a while. Despite whether you are new or are a repeating tale, you intend to discover all breasts in the video game to become the greatest. Breasts are concealed around the world and provide them unique moves and also abilities as quickly as they have actually been found. All chest positions in Roblox Critical are tale below.

All chest placements in Roblox Critical Legends

Spawn-Freuhe areas

| Beat- Find this on the boat to the right at the spawn.| directed hoe- found on the stairs near the spawn.| metal plate- Most likely to the roof covering of the hut behind the apple tree, which is still left.| Beta-Fabrik Go from the Legit Store to the left as well as inspect the roof.| Beta-Ticket- ** in the Legit shop.

Considering that the card in Critical Legends is fairly big, you need a guide that reveals you where you have to go take all chests . Some of the upper bodies are shut up until they have gotten to a specific degree.

Areas of the Primis Area Chows

| Rage scroll Find these chest under the apple tree in the first location.| Spitzer Rock Kip down the leading right of the cavern 1.| Burning sheet- Go into the violet heck portal at the end of cavern 1. Take the very first road on the left, cross the bridge as well as get your chest in the lava to your.| Travel boots- found beyond cavern 1.

areas of the Thyrus timber boxes

| Hunting dagger- found at the entryway of Thyrus Timber.| icy indicator In the Thyruswald, this chest is situated under the apple tree to your.| Toyal- found southern of the Collection shop.| campfire timber- right alongside the campfire south of the forest.

locations of the flower field problem

| Sonnenfragment- found on the black system in front of the flower areas.| Bee honeycomb found in the middle of the blossom areas.| honey indicator- found on the north wall surface of the blossom areas.| Spirit of the queen- to discover ideal beside the queen on the south wall surface of the blossom fields.

locations of the breasts of the mucous king

| blocking fire- found behind the tree in the north component of the forest of the mucous king.| Königskrone- found on the eastern wall of the woodland of the mucous king.| scum glass found in the southeastern edge of the woodland.| Scroll for self-healing found in the southwestern edge of the forest.| Complete the scroll- ** found near packages directly beyond cavern 2.

Punky Skies Chest locations

| Kraftfeld take a watercraft southern side of the Scum King’s Woodland to the island of Punky Skies. Locate these chest to the right of the Toolbox store on the top of the residence with the boxes on the walls.| Dark fire roll- found on one of the huge columns above the bridge to the left of the Collection store.| Blood-to-mana scroll – ** Found behind the last house to the left of the magic shop.

Areas of the upper bodies of the Snowy Caps

| Eisrose- When arriving in Snowy Caps for a chest on the southerly wall that lies straight on the right of the Spawn watercraft.| Snowstorm in a container found at the foot of the pillar under the spawn watercraft.| Self-Freeze- ** found over the bridge and a degree listed below the generate location.

evergreen chest locations

| Chaos-Strike scroll found in cave 3 on the rocks between the bridges. You need to use haste beverages to get there.| Scroll of group recovery on the appropriate border wall outside of cave 3.
Mana scroll found on the north border wall of cave 3.

locations of woodland boxes

You have to be level 100 to obtain these chest.


Location of deep space chest (Level 100).

Given that the card in Critical Legends is quite large, you require an overview who shows you where you have to go take all upper bodies .

Place of the chest of the hero cave (Degree 125).

Roblox Critical Legends is a terrific video game mode that has been around for a while. Regardless of whether you are brand-new or are a persisting legend, you desire to discover all upper bodies in the game to end up being the greatest. Upper bodies are hidden all over the globe as well as provide them unique relocations and also skills as soon as they have actually been found. All chest positions in Roblox Critical are tale here.
| virus found next to blubbs secure the northern component of the forest.| Mini tree- found beyond of the bridge on the eastern edge of the forest.| Gravitational Islands Found near the Skeleton King’s Tower on the upper platform on the southeastern edge of the woodland.| Heart fruit found in the center of the forest.| tiki-torch found on the southern edge of the forest on the coastline.
| Soul train
After you have actually gotten to level 100, get in the vacuum on the eastern edge of the forest. Switch on the left as well as make use of a hurry to jump to the rock with the chest.

You have to be level 125 to get these chest.
| Soul in a bottle After getting to degrees 125, go into the heroes cavern by leaping with a small hole in the center of the scum King’s Woodland.
Make use of a moon remedy to find the chest on a dark platform on the left of the Toolbox store.| Darkness fruit
Discover the last chest on the last platform in the south location.
And also there they have it!
All breasts in Roblox Critical Legends.
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