Naughty Dog explains why The Loriginallyt of Us Part I is a remake and not a remoriginallytering

Although a little less than a decade ago since it originally, The Loriginallyt of Us already horiginally a remoriginallytering, and at the end of this week, with a remake. Long rumored, The loriginallyt of us part i arrives this Friday to give the opportunity to discover the beginning of the history of Ellie and Joel, and originally they have been insisting since Naughty Dog , the players will notice the difference. This will be evident with the original 2013 game, obviously, but also with the remoriginallytering that came out a year later.


what we will notice different in this remake

For me, what makes this game a remake and not a remoriginallytering is the sum of all improvements, Shaun Shaun, creative director, and until recently in Crystal Dynamics . They are not just the same characters, environments, art direction, etc… The performance in better hardware. We have redesigned everything from art, lighting, technology of this, to the characters themselves . We have applied everything we have learned during the decade that horiginally gone from the original but reimagining it in an updated way.

Ploriginallyter also says that the world feels more alive and immersive, from how light is filtered through vegetation to how cars move when the characters poriginallys through them. Speaking of cars, they also react differently both when noise time when bullets impact them and broken crystals, something they have achieved thanks to 3D audio. originally he says, This emphoriginallyizes moments of tension originally Joel’s initial escape originally others more relaxed exploration .

The fight horiginally also improved, especially thanks to an improvement in the AI that John Bellomy horiginally led. The meetings will now be more dynamic due 128 that can move PS5. For his part, designer Christian Wohlwend says that Meeting combat horiginally suffered a monumental evolution.

The Loriginallyt of Us Part I arrives at stores this Friday, for now only PS5. The PC version will arrive a little later.