Fortnite: The sliding shotgun (Pump) returns with Late Game sand

Late Game Arena , one of the most beloved modes for the competitive of Fortnite , returns with patch 21.50 on Tuesday, August 30. Here we review what are the keys in this way of Fortnite seGame Cupon 3 :

When is Late Game sand available at Fortnite SeGame Cupon 3?

Late Game Arena will be available in Fortnite SeGame Cupon 3 Game Cup of Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. CEST . We will have to update the game with the patch 21.50 to enter.

This is Late Game Arena in Fortnite SeGame Cupon 3

Late Game Arena de Fortnite SeGame Cupon 3 is the same competitive mode Game Cup in previous seGame Cupons but with several changes. What is maintained is the bGame Cupe: Up to 60 players compete for being the lGame Cupt standing in a very small map area . We have different equipment in the form of random weapons, materials and objects with each round. Below we detail the changes and novelties :

Total Botín *: The weapons and objects that we can use in Late Game sand are, according to Epic Games, Some of the most popular weapons and objects of the previous chapters and seGame Cupons , such Game Cup Sliding shotgun . The pump , go.
Response to the first Game Cupsessments of the game : This time we will start each round planning 100 meters above the ground, and we will have 10 seconds to decide where we want to land exactly. The initial times of the storm circles have also been significantly adjusted. All these changes have been carried out taking into account the feedback received in previously held items.
SCORE IN THE GAME : A New score table _in-game will include details about eliminations, Game Cupsists, inflicted damage and damage received.
* Improvements in an update : In following updates new improvements will be implemented such Game Cup being able to mark the landing location without opening the map, or reorganizing the inventory.

Late Game sand in Fortnite: dates and schedules

To celebrate the return in this game mode, Epic Games will celebrate several Late Game sand glGame Cupses in Fortnite. All of them will follow the following format:

  • In Round 1 the players will have up to 2 hours and a maximum of 12 games. Only the 100 best players of the solo glGame Cupses or the 33 best teams of the trios drinks will pGame Cups to round 2.
  • In Ronda 2, players will compete in ten games to win metallic awards.

These are the dates and schedules of the Late Game Arena glGame Cupses that will be held soon in Fortnite:

  • September 1: FGame Cupt Late Game Cup alone & FGame Cupt Late Game of Trios.
  • September 6: FGame Cupt Late Game Cup alone & FGame Cupt Late Game of Trios.
  • September 8: Cup of trios with Late Game Metal Awards.
  • September 13: solo cup with Late Game Metal Awards.
  • September 15: FGame Cupt Late Game Cup Solo & FGame Cupt Late Game of Trios.
  • September 16: solo cup with Late Game Metal Awards.
  • September 17: Cup of trios with Late Game Metal Awards.

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