[Photo] Seoul Popcorn 2022 with all games, cosplay and cartoons

Various pop culture, such as games, cartoons, cosplays, movies, and dramas, gathered in one place. It was a time to fill the end of the summer and fill it with a full virtue.

The 2022 Seoul Popcorn event was held at COEX in Seoul. Seoul Popcorn is an exhibition that presents domestic and foreign contents and various pop culture. More than 145 companies, including DC, Sega, Bandai Namco Korea, and Nintendo Korea, participated in a total of 545 booths, including various contents, products and services. In addition, indie games and arcade game booths were also small, leading visitors.

Not only. There were so many costumes that transformed into characters such as various games and cartoons. There were a lot of costume players in everywhere. They watched the events even more, such as watching the venues and taking pictures with other visitors. There were so many game costumes such as Wonshin and Umamusume, so it was fun for the game fans.

In addition, the main stage event, which was attended by artists, directors, actors, and voice actors, was held every day, and this year, Hollywood actor Ross Butler had a good time with fans. In addition, on Thursday and Friday, the International Culture Content Conference, 2022 Seoul Popcorn Summit and NFT Conference, were also held.

Seoul Popcorn, where you can meet various contents and platforms in one place, can be viewed at COEX C and D Hall by 28th. On the last day, on the 28th, the user-participating game tournament, the open game challenge, the Ultimate Cosplay Battle for Costume Players, as well as the stage event of Takanashi Kia and Hakos Bels of Japanese Virtual YouTube Group Holo Live.