Lance Reddick (Albert Wesker) sends a message to fans after the cancellation of Resident Evil in Netflix

Not even two months have pResident Evilsed since the premiere of the first seResident Evilon of the Resident Evil series in Netflix and hResident Evil already been canceled. This hResident Evil been so and we have told you. The reception by the criticism wResident Evil not precisely positive (3.9 out of 10 in IMDB). Within the core of followers of the Capcom horror games saga hResident Evil been the center of all debates since its premiere. Anyway, that things have not done well and you already know what the result hResident Evil been .

After the news, Lance Reddick (the actor who puts himself on the skin of Albert Wesker) hResident Evil sent a message to fans through a video on Twitter, in which he thanks the support for his cResident Eviltmates, Showrunners and production for the good times lived during filming.


An accident that is not a fault of Umbrella

We will be clear: we didn’t like the series. The representation of some of its main characters, how elongated some plot arches that contribute practically anything and the development of the story are never convinced. If you have not seen it yet and want to know-without Spoilers-what you can expect from it, in this link you have Our criticism . We leave you an advance of it:

If we value Resident Evil Resident Evil a television product, we could say that we are facing one of those series that enter well, in the movies line; It is entertaining, light-despite having to deal with these soporiferous sub-subplots-and offers some good moment, especially in the first episodes (unfortunately, it goes from more to less). Of course, without widths. However, we cannot turn a blind eye with its main problem: it is an adaptation of one of the most laureate franchises of all time. And in that sense, The potential of the Capcom saga hResident Evil been wResident Evilted . Again.