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What is the contest mode in Destiny 2? Answered

After almost six years and a lot Once for all. As with any incursion, the new favorite or return teams compete worldwide to see who can complete the activity first, although with an attached particular modifier. The contest mode is the standard modifier attached to any incursion on the first day and, in case you have never heard of it, this is what you should know about it. What exactly is the contest mode .

Destiny 2 Contest Mode

Image Source: Bungie

The contest mode is the standard modifier with which any incursion is launched to create an equitable playing field from day 1. As a new incursion enters Destiny 2, teams around the world compete against The time to complete the activity.

To create a even field, Bungie activates the modifier of the contest modifier to restrict the level of power and loads to win the best team, not the team that wins a boss with the most powerful arsenal. For example, with the activated contest mode, the incursion will reduce your power at 20 levels and deactivate the ability to use certain weapons, as well as some armor pieces to guarantee equity.

This modifier remains active for 24 hours after an incursion enters the game. After 24 hours, the modifier goes out and the equipment can enter said incursion without restrictions on power and load level.

That is all you need to know about the contest mode in Destiny 2. Bungie has worked hard to keep destiny fans excited about the future of the shooting game, so be sure to review the announcement of the next Lightfall expansion. While you wait for Lightfall, be sure to see everything new with the 18th season of Destiny 2, such as the new exotic objects and all the rewards in the battle pass of the new season.

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