Blade and soul

Bulso Revolution, the first original character sortie that is not in the original

Netmarble added the first original occupation, Fighter Ava, to Mobile MMORPG ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’ on the 26th.

The original occupation does not exist in the original, but only appears in ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’. The first original occupation, ‘Fighter A-B’, which is introduced this time, can neutralize the enemy with a mid-range attack that utilizes Hwando, and uses the new wind ‘Shin Poong’, which reduces party members’ long-range damage.


In addition, the new dungeon ‘Labyrinth of Division’, the new content ‘Dungeon Mileage’ and the new server ‘Diary Dangcheon’ were unveiled. The labyrinth of the division can be entered when completing the ‘farewell and a new start’ quest, and if you kill the final boss, you can receive ancient weapons patterns and a legendary plaque of perforation. Every time you complete the dungeon mileage dungeon, you can buy a piece of legendary document with the dungeon mileage coin.

In the new server diary Dangcheon, the guide reward can be obtained as a hero-grade event, Hongmun equipment, hero martial arts slabs, and hero guardian boxes.

Netmarble will celebrate the official launch of ‘Fight Avie’, ▲ Fighting Avie Special Legend Box Event ▲ Free Job Change Event ▲ Brilliant Journey Event for Mooyoung Jewelry ▲ Fight 28th attendance event.

First of all, before the end of September, you can earn all the rewards included in the Fighting Avie Special Legend Box, such as the Legendary Weapon Selection Box and the Legendary Guardian Selection Box. During the same period, you can get a job change through silence and transfer to your desired job for free. In addition, by the end of September, you can receive a full set of Legendary Rating Item ‘Mooyoung Jewel’ as a full set when participating in the tower of the spirit until the end of September. In addition, if you access the game by mid-October, you can get a top-level guardian decree 10+1 ticket and a 10+1 ticket.

For more information, visit the Blade & Soul Revolution official community.