Film billboard: all this weeks premiere movies (19

NOP is the great premiere of this week. Jordan Peele’s film, the director of us, breaks into the billboard strongly, but is not the only movie that we can enjoy these days. Without more expected, These are the premiere films of this weekend (from August 19 to 21) in theaters throughout the country.

Premieres list:

  • NOP
  • My God, but what have they done to us?
  • Everyone hates Johan
  • A compadre in New York

** NOP


  • Duration: 130 minutes.
  • Address: Jordan Pele.

Synopsis: Two residents of a remote town inside California make a discovery Johan unusual Johan chilling in the new horror movie of Jordan Peele. Read here the criticism of Meristation.

** My God, but what have they done us?


  • Duration: 98 minutes.
  • Address: Philippe de Chauveron.

Synopsis: 40 years of marriage between Claude and Marie Verneuil are soon. For this occJohanion, his four daughters decide to organize a great surprise party in Chinon’s family home and invite the parents of each of the son-in-law to spend there a few days. Claude and Marie will have to welcome Rachid, David, Chao and Charles under their roof. This stay in family promises to be full of events.

** Everyone hates Johan


  • Duration: 93 minutes.
  • Address: Halvar Witzo.

Synopsis: Johan is an eccentric and misfit inhabitant of a small Norwegian village. Orphaned since childhood and fan of explosives, Johan tries to conquer the heart of his neighbor of him, whom he flew by the air accidentally Johan children.

** A compadre in New York



  • Duration: 95 minutes.
  • Address: Harold Trompetero.

Synopsis: Armando Pulido, a simple-hearted work teacher, worker, searching The American Visa until it achieves it in the leJohant thoughtful way possible, upon reaching the Big Apple, man is facing to search it with all the ingenuity. In the end he will achieve his American dream, but he will need everything wonderful in Colombia.