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◆ Yoon Jong-in Personal Information Committee Communications → Conversion of paradigms of mutual consensus

The right to demand transmission is a means of realizing the right to self-determination of personal information, which is a constitutional rights. Most people are aware of the economic meaning of personal information. There are many problems to be solved for the purpose of building a platform for the purpose. We need a lot of discussions and concerns to make the ‘black box’ a transparent box.

Yoon Jong-in, chairman of the Personal Information Protection Committee, said at a press conference held at the Seoul Government Complex on the 18th about the digital personal information paradigm and the demand for transmission.

‘Transportation Rights’ is a right to request the information subject to transfer personal information to ‘third party (personal information processor or personal information management institution)’. It is the concept of ‘my data is mine, so use it according to my will.’ It is one of the key to the second amendment to the Personal Information Protection Act, which is currently pending in the National Assembly.

It is significant that the information subject manages and uses his own information based on the right to self-determination. Currently, my data system introduced in the financial and public areas is a representative example. The Personal Information Committee believes that if the current protection law includes the right to call for transmission, it will be possible to protect the rights of the general legal and legal rights.

Chairman Yoon explained that the introduction of the right to transmission and the transition to the personal information paradigm are closely related. Currently, the collection and processing of personal information is based on the OPT-in method, which receives prior consent, he said. There are many cases.

He also said, In the long run, it is not desirable to collect and process personal information based on consent, he said.

Chairman Yoon saw the protection of personal information and safe use as the key to the success of the government. The provision of customized public services can lead to damage to personal information in that it is based on the collecting information on individual online activities, he said. Yoon explains that customized services and logic of surveillance government are not very different.

In addition, The foundation of safe utilization of personal information, such as detecting abnormal behavior and establishing a re-identification system, must be established. I will lead communication and cooperation.

Regarding the issue related to the collection of personal information of Meta, Chairman Yoon said, The investigation of the violation of the Meta Protection Act is irrelevant with the withdrawal of the policy of not being able to use the service through consultation with the committee. We are looking at whether it is necessary to provide and we will finish the investigation as soon as possible.

◆ AWS Startup support achievements… The highest growth rate among the Asia-Pacific regions

As the startup ecosystem grows, AWS is also expected to grow together. Amazon is leading the company’s profit innovation by actively supporting the growth of startups as it aims to be the most customer-centered company on Earth.

Lee Ki-hyuk, general manager of AWS Korea Startup Eco System, emphasized the background of startup support through media briefings held on the theme of ‘AWS Innovation Culture for Startup’.

In particular, he explained that the domestic startup ecosystem has grown significantly, and more and more challenges global advancement.

Lee said, Korea has grown nearly 50% over the last four years, and has the highest growth rate among the Asia-Pacific single countries. There are 23 unicorn companies. I think the domestic startup ecosystem is growing rapidly.

In particular, there are a lot of good talent to startups in the last four years, and domestic startups are trying to grow in global. There are elegant brothers, market curls, and Yanolja, he said. Since I think about overseas expansion, such as the United States, there are more startups in Korea to solve global problems.

Among them, AWS is the representative program for startup support, VC SPOTLIGHT. This is a customized corporate culture accelerating program for major portfolios of Korea’s leading venture capital (VC), including Altos Ventures, Softbank, Korea Investment Partners, KB Investment, Stone Bridge Ventures, and Kakao Ventures.

In particular, AWS found that the startups after the funding were ‘corporate culture’ based on the meeting and survey with more than 60 VCs. As a result, the company designed Amazon Culture & Mechanism, which consists of execution from the CEO perspective to support startups’ corporate culture, and AWS Culture Coaching Workshop.

Since February 2020, the company has held an online session with more than 200 VCs of 60 VCs, and has also provided 1: 1 sessions to 80 startup CEOs. The program, which started in Korea, is spreading to APAC (India, Australia, ASEAN, Japan), Europe and South America, AWS said.


◆ [e-heart footsteps] ⓛ The first e-heart smartphone… ‘Pixel 2’

In October 2017, Google unveiled Pixel 2, one of the Pixel series smartphones. Along with the pixel 2XL, it is said to have the best photo and video shooting function among smartphones at the time. In particular, Pixel 2 scored the highest score in the image benchmark site ‘DXO Mark’.

Foreign media, such as overseas IT media, headed elsewhere. It was noted that a new subscriber identification module was mounted. This is because the terminal was equipped with the E-Shim, a built-in subscriber identification module. The first terminal with embedded E. has appeared.

E is a subscriber identification module built into the terminal itself. Unlike the existing USIM, there is no real chip. Consumers can be used by giving them numbers to the existing simsim and E. Even if you don’t have two terminals, you can use a two-number as a terminal.

The appearance of built-in identification modules was announced. It takes a lot of time and money to buy SIM. The United States is representative. The situation was different from domestic, where offline stores were located around 10 to 15 minutes at home. The distance was relatively far. Online orders were also possible, but delivery also took a lot of time.

It means that there is no need to visit an offline store to get a SIM card, wait a few days until the arrival of online, or try to put the bent paper clip in a small slot.

At the time, Joy XI Google Project Pie Manager said, The introduction of the pixel 2 E is that consumers do not need to go to the offline store to buy the simsim. The use of the e-heart service is as simple and fast as the Wi-Fi connection. And explained.

As the terminals between the telecommunications companies and the simsim were distributed exclusively, there was a sense of fatigue that changed the terminal and the simulation whenever the telecommunications company was changed. If the built-in subscriber identification module is activated, all these problems are resolved.

Not only consumers. There was also a merit in terms of the manufacturing of the terminal. The space where the relevant parts and related parts could be reduced. The gaps that point to the simsim disappeared, and the exterior of the terminal became neat.

Contrary to the first e-heart smartphone, the end of the pixel 2 series was not good. Following the problem of the screen, the controversy over audio recording was raised. As a result, Google had to modify the related software and extend the quality assurance period, which was one year, to two years.

◆ Half of our four weeks… Chairman Jang Byung-kyu, Chairman of Craft Tone, donation of 20 billion won

Chairman Jang Byung-kyu will be given a donation worth 20 billion won for employees who have lost their investments.

According to Craepon on the 18th, Chairman Jang Byung-kyu said in an e-mail to his employees, saying, We have been thinking about how to support our employees who participated in our keys due to the recent deterioration of economic and market conditions.

Chairman Jang plans to relocate the loan and collateral rights to Kraftton by relocating the loans and collateral rights to the employees who have raised the investment through the loan of the acquisition of Korean stocks. Said.

Craft Tone Woori Woori Union was assigned 35,525 shares for 498,000 won at the time of listing in August last year. The stock price is 258,000 won, which is half the price of the competition price.

Craepon’s stock price drops have become a big issue because of the loans. Some of the 1,330 employees who acquired our keys at the time of listing were known to have bought our owners through hundreds of millions of won.

If we bought and buy our keys with a loan, the collateral ratio must usually be maintained at 60%. In the case of 100% loans, if the stock price falls more than 40% compared to the public offering, it will be lowered below the mortgage rate. Lack of mortgage can be forced to be liquidated.

Our four weeks will be able to trade from the 22nd on the 20th. The opposite sale is also possible. Opponent trading refers to the fact that a securities firm will arbitrarily dispose of without the customer’s consent if the value of the mortgage falls below a certain percentage due to a drop in stock prices.

◆ Meet the puzzle… ‘Hybrid Casual’ game appears one after another

As the so-called ‘hybrid casual’ genre, which combines puzzles and other elements, has emerged, related games will be shown one after another.

Hybrid casual games combine other genres such as role-playing games (RPGs) and simulations in a simple structure of casual games. Among overseas games, ‘Dream Garden’ and ‘Project Make Over’ are famous.

According to the game industry on the 18th, the recent three-match hybrid casual games are expected to appear one after another. Netmarble is conducting beta testing abroad with the goal of launching ‘Charlotte’s Table’, which combines management simulation with a puzzle. Nessage Three Three minutes are also developed with the goal of the soft-tier game ‘Boxing Star: Match 3’, which combines the puzzles with the ‘Boxing Star’ IP.

Earlier, Neowiz also introduced a casual strategy RPG ‘Brown Dust and Puzzle’, which combines puzzles based on the strategic RPG ‘Brown Dust’ intellectual property (IP), and Hive IM combines puzzles and simulations in June ”

Large game companies, which were focused on large-scale multi-speed roles (MMORPGs), are also turning to hybrid casual games. NCsoft, famous for ‘Lineage’ IP, has begun recruiting new puzzle game project personnel through various recruitment sites.

Webzen is currently hiring new North American-style game development personnel based on Unreal Engine-based North American-style puzzles through developer Webzen Cube. According to each company, the specific genre has not been confirmed, but it is noteworthy in that the RPG element, which is the strength, can be combined with hyper casual characteristics such as puzzles.

The hybrid casual game is analyzed that it can be attractive to game companies by securing short development periods and improving profit models (BM) while securing the advantages of popular hyper casual games. Hyper casual games that anyone can enjoy intuitively have low barriers to entry, but they are so tired that they are highly bothered, while hybrid casual games can expand their maintenance base by absorbing rpg and simulation.

In addition, most hyper casual games rely on ‘in-app advertisements’, but you can get additional profits through ‘in-app payment’ through hybrid casual games. According to Sing Kweed Google Data, 33%of hybrid casual genre game users watch rewarded advertisements to get more game opportunities, and 28%make in-app payment to get limited items.

◆ August game matchmakers… ‘Big 3’ anticipated release

The end of the game in August rose. Competition was created as the launch of anticipated works based on famous intellectual property rights (IP).

According to the game industry on the 18th, Com2u’s’ Summers War Chronicle ‘, which was released on the 16th, will start Line Games” Old Origin ‘on the 23rd and Nexon’s’ Hit 2′ domestic service on the 25th.. The launch of anticipated works in the second half of the year leads to short intervals.

Summers War Chronicle is a large-scale multi-entertainment game (MMORPG) based on the ‘Summers War’ IP, which has surpassed 150 million downloads worldwide. Based on 350 various summons, it is characterized by the fun of the strategy that the existing MMORPG did not encounter.

Origin, which will be released on the 23rd, is an MMORPG to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 90’s masterpiece series, the ‘Sea Era’. It was co-developed by Motif and Japan’s Co-A-Tech Mo Games. In order to achieve various purposes such as the world’s weekly and ocean monopoly against the backdrop of the 16th century, you can enjoy various contents such as sailing, trade, exploration, battle, growth, and resource management.

Hit 2 is a formal sequel to the action RPG ‘Hit’, which was the No. 1 mobile game sales for Nexon in 2015. MMORPG, which focuses on large-scale battles, such as showing siege warfare from the launch stage, will start the service at 0 o’clock on the 25th.

◆ Kakao, eventually bent… Stop reviewing Kakao Mobility Shareholders’ Configuration Review

Kakao completely stops reviewing the change of Kakao Mobility shareholders. It has been 65 days since the media report was known to sell stake in Kakao Mobility. Kakao Labor Union Cru Union expressed his intention to withdraw the sale of the sale and expressed his willingness to actively cooperate as a partner for the company’s growth.

On the 18th, the Kakao Community Church (CAC) announced that it will stop reviewing the change of Kakao Mobility shareholders’ composition. Informing the facts through the disclosure, they actually folded their will.

The situation changed rapidly on the 25th of last month when Kakao Mobility executives asked CAC to suspend discussions on the sale of Kakao Mobility and to think about how to fulfill their social responsibility. The CAC accepted the willingness to continue to grow with the society, which Kakao Mobility Labor-Management, which was formed earlier this month through the ‘Mobility and Sustainable Sustainability of Society’, has returned to the origin.

The council aimed to achieve continuous growth and innovation by fulfilling social responsibility based on four agendas: Innovation and Growth, Accompany and Sharing. Specifically, the company plans to create innovation to solve the movement problems that the people are experiencing, and to grow together with the mobility partners and the weak for continuous innovation, and to share technology and data.

Based on four agendas, the show was a major impact on the discontinuance of the change of shareholders. In the future, the Kakao Community Center and Kakao Mobility will fulfill their social responsibilities and create growth and innovation to solve the people’s movement.