Bitsummit X-Roads local report article ranking! Ambitious works on the theme of PC trouble and Momotaro gather at the festival of indie games

Introducing the Bitsummit X-Roads local report article **! The 10th anniversary is an indie game festival held this year from August 6 to 7. Among the game reports exhibited at the venue, we will deliver articles that have been particularly noticed in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from August 7, 2022 to August 12, 2022.

Bitsummit X-Roads Local report article ranking


10th place Momonga or turtle… Bitsummit X-Roads Introducing the Happinet Indie Collection work that I experienced on the first day: 20 Pt.

It becomes an owl momonga, flying in the sky, or becoming a ninja turtle.
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/07/121023.html

9th place The fate of the world was left to one monster and a girl-a unique worldview adventure RPG Meg and Big Monon [Bitsummit X-Roads]: 24 Pt.

Introducing the ADVRPG Meg Tabagimono, which is an independent game festival Bitsummit X-ROADS exhibited.
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/10/121134.html

8th place From the classroom after school, you travel to the RPG world RPG time! ~ Legend of Light ~] Exhibition booth & stage repo [Bitsummit X-Roads]: 27 Pt.

RPG time
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/07/121021.html

7th place The murder case occurs and solves. Report on the first playable demo of the first playable adventure Project Code M that is developed from two perspectives [Bitsummit X-Roads]: 33 Pt.

The new novel reasoning adventure exhibits the first demo version. I was able to experience the survey part approaching the mystery of the incident.
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/10/121138.html

6th place Play Electric on Saturn, which was banned from music! Cyberpunk Turn Bass Rhythm JRPG Keylocker [Bitsummit X-Roads]: 38 Pt.

The release is scheduled for the end of 2023! Wouldn’t the visuals and systems touch the Japanese gamers’ cords?
https://www.local report/article/2022/09/121080.html

5th place In search of a best friend, a pixel-like town where people disappear and illuminated by ephemeral light TOKYO STORIES-WORKING TITLE- Emotional dot picture ADV experience repo [Bitsummit X-ROADS]: 49 Pt.

Deliver a play report of TOKYO STORIES-WORKING TITLE-, which also fell in love with a unique visual that makes you feel ephemeral!
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/10/121123.html

4th place The exhilaration of running on the stage endlessly in the left and right, left and right vertical and left is irresistible! Horizontal Sukero XEARZ Play Replo [Bitsummit X-Roads]: 85 Pt.

Introducing the horizontal scroll action XEARZ with a story of a unique science fiction philosophy from Bitsummit from August 7 to August 8, 2022.
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/07/121012.html

3rd place Longing for a dazzling otaku culture-Living a new life as a maid cafe Electric Street Cafe is a masterpiece premonition [Bitsummit X-Roads]: 110 pt.

The maid cafe games exhibited at Bittsummit2022 are condensed to the glitter of Japanese culture unique to Chinese creators who grew up in Japan.
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/07/121018.html

2nd place Yuru’s appearance action ADV Oni-Wind Learns… The story is drawn by Oni swearing revenge on Momotaro [Bitsummit X-ROADS]: 121 Pt.

An action adventure recommended by the topic Shueisha Games. What kind of gameplay will develop with cute touch character design and pale visuals?
https://www.local report/article/2022/08/121051.html

First place I installed the dangerous app! ADV Outcore: Desktop ADVENTURE reminiscent of such a familiar accident [Bitsummit X-ROADS]: 493 Pt.

You’ve probably experienced it once, an unpleasant accident that unknown apps are installed and start automatically… This time, let’s introduce one work that finished the experience into a humorous ADV.
https://www.local report/article/2022/09/121099.html

The second place was one of Shueisha Games ONI-Sky and Wind Learn. We will deliver a local play report of the action adventure saying, A small demon stands up for revenge that once destroyed Onigashima by Momotaro! What kind of gameplay will develop with cute touch character design and pale visuals?

The first place was a humorous adventure Outcore: Desktop ADVENTURE with the theme of PC troubles. Experience accidents that may be familiar (?) With PC users as a game, and explore strange app characters and PCs on desktops.