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Can you tie a romance with a tricster in Hooked on You a Dbd Dating Sim?

Imagine: you were trapped on a paradise tropical island with four sultry killers who argue about whether to kill you or fall in love with you. Perhaps this fear leads to greater excitement, and what is it? The fifth killer appeared!? Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating SIM does not withstand any shock. But is it possible to start a romance with a tricster?

Can you choose a tricster in Hooked on You A Dbd Dating Sim?

Unfortunately, despite some signs, it is impossible to deceive the tricster. Throughout the game, he will appear several times and try to steal you at your date, but this will not go anywhere.

Unfortunately, there are no real secrets in the hooked for you. But this is the game that was created to calm the curiously excited fan base after the developer of Behavior Interactive was forced to take part in the survey. But for $ 10, any Dead by Daylight fan or date simulators should get a few hours of pleasure from this.

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