FIFA 23: 6 new game

With the news about Volta as well as Pro Clubs, EA Sports has revealed revisions within the Volta Arcade games. To several brand-new attributes and renovations, the 16 mini games introduced in FIFA 22 additionally obtain a beverage.

Six arcade games are new in FIFA 23:

Dribble King:

In Dribble King you need to dribble as well as prizes within a relocating circle. If you blow up in the ball overview and leave the circle, the game is over.

Obstacle Program:

Shoot an objective before the opponent does? Not so very easy with all these challenges in Volta. EA Sporting activities

Obstacle Program is a type of race: You have to score a goal before your opponent-but the means there is outfitted with different challenges.

Foot Golf:

This gallery video game is probably obvious. It is like golf, writes EA Sports in the pitch notes, yet with goals instead of holes and of training course it is played with the foot as opposed to a noise. With as couple of shots as feasible, a goal must be scored within a minimal location.


In Four-Squares a ball enters your instructions. You have to shoot him in among the challenger areas. If the ball bounces right into your square two times or if you shoot it out, the game is over.

Battle Containers:

In the battle for the pail you first need to conquer the ball from your opponent. You have to lift it right into a pail in the center of the field if you have actually done this. The team with the most balls in the pail wins.

Capture the Ball:

In the fight for the container you first have to overcome the ball from your opponent. The team with the most spheres in the pail wins.

No, no image of the ball is needed below. Capture the Ball functions like Capture the Flag: You need to steal the ball from the opposing base and bring it back to your very own.

This arcade game is probably self-explanatory. If the ball bounces into your square two times or if you fire it out, the game is over.