[Todays Steam] Western Xcom Hard West 2

Hard West’s sequel to Hard West, which combines bizarre western worldview and X-COM combat style, was released on Steam, ranking third in the world’s best sales chart.

Hard West 2 is the sequel to Hard West, which was attracting attention by combining the bizarre western view of supernatural elements and the X-Com style turn-based battle. Unlike his previous work, which depicts the story of his father and son who left the golden mine, the main character is the main character who is aiming to take the ghost train, which is rumored to be full of gold, and is dealing with the story of the devil he met on the train.

In this work, a new system called Bravado has been added, bringing the combat of previous works, such as special technology and trick shots. If you defeat the enemy, it will give additional actions such as attack and movement, which acts as a more strategic factor in turn-based battles.

The steam user evaluation of Hard West 2 as of the 5th is ‘positive (100% positive)’. There aren’t many reviews, but they are responding well to those who like XCOM style.

In addition, Dead By Day Light Love Simulator Hookon oil fell to 9th place, and American truck simulator Montana region DLC was released and ranked first.

In the top 20 of the day, Rust, which updated the new train, rose to 7th with 13,051 concurrent users, while the multi-versus fell second and ranked ninth.