Genshin Impact: When will the story end? The answer is much more difficult than it seems

Genshin Impact prepares to receive the third chapter in its history. After touring Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma the game prepares for the landing of its fourth region. Submeru is continuity in a story that in just a few weeks will have turned two years and we are all excited to be able to put the glove as soon as possible to the 3.0 update. However, the unstoppable advance of the traveler’s history can also generate a great question in the community about when the history of the game will end .


The expiration date of Genshin Impact

The story of Genshin Impact has scheduled an act for each of the regions of the game except Mondstadt, which is considered the prologue, and Khaenri’ah, whose importance will be maximum but the format has not yet been detailed. This means that when we complete the plot of Sumeru we will have consumed more than 50% of the content that was scheduled when the video game was launched. It is still to be determined how many updates we will live in the new region and because time they will extend. However, the current rhythm invites you to think about an average duration of eleven months per act .

The truth is that until now we do not have many data, but everything invites you to think that, in the worst case, every summer we will have a new chapter so that Genshin Impact will still take four more years. The remaining regions are Fontaine, of the Hydro element; Natlan, of the Pyro and Snehznaya element, of the Cyro element. To these we still have to add the outcome of the story in the aforementioned Khaneri’ah, whose element is unknown and does not seem to be revealed soon. In this way, we can expect the plot to end in 2027 (yes, it also gives us vertigo).

The true Genshin Impact final will mark the players

It is still very soon to ensure that this prediction will be fulfilled. Unlike other video games that are thrown with all available history, Genshin Impact must expand and will do so at a variable rate depending on the number of players. Hoyverse is clear what are the most important points of the plot and How to cut time if you need to introduce great novelties in the video game. After all, the most important thing for the developer is to keep the community hooked.

In this sense, will be the Genshin impact players themselves who determine their expiration date . If everything remains stable, it is expected that the current rhythm will follow, if the players fall, there are probably a few accelerons cutting superfluous details and if there is still so much interest in the game when we approach its end we could even enjoy more expansions or a sequel. After all, the protagonist of the game is a traveler who has explored many worlds and that in Teyvat is only making a longer stop than usual.

HONKAI IMPACT 3RD is the other great game of Hoyverse and still receive updates despite being about to turn 6 and will soon have a kind of continuation with Honkai: Star Rail. We can only extract one reading from this. The story of Genshin Impact, whether in the original game or its expansions, only will end when too many players have boring it . A situation that, as things go, will take many years to take place… if one day it happens.