Bispo! 15 people are Valorant in the summer game! The top battle divided into three teams is in Ikebukuro! ? Delivered on Saturday, August 20!

A brute force match will be held by 3 teams using Valorant by 15 members of the next-generation virtual e-sports project Bisupo! The long-awaited fans’ top decisive battle Bispot! Summer Valorant Battle! Presented by Galleria starts on August 20, 2022!

Set in the largest ESPORTS studio LFS Ikebukuro ESPORTS ARENA in Tokyo, a camera broadcast staff who is not defeated by the official professional tournament will participate in the planning broadcast and camera production. In addition to replaying good play for each round, it will be broadcast a highlight scene selected from the entire event.

The production is comparable to the professional tournament, and it is a bass! The summer game of 15 people begins.

・ Planning outline
Planning name: Bispo! Summer Valorant Battle! ! Presented by Galleria
Date: Saturday, August 20, 2022 17:00 to 21:00 (planned)
Used title: PC version Valorant
Used Studio: LFS Ikebukuro Esports Arena
Distribution site:
Bispo! Official YouTube
Galleria Official Twitch
Delivery tag: #Beisupo Natsu Valorant Battle #Galleria
Provided: GALLERIA (Third Wave Co., Ltd.)

・ Biuspo! Members
Team name: >>> Great senior <<< **
(Flower buds Nazuna, flower buds, walnuts, walnuts, rabbit Saki Mimi, Ren Kisaragi)

Team name: I will share the salad
(Yakumo Beni / Ichinose Uruha / Hinano Tachibana / Shinki Kyupi, Aizawa Emma)

Team name: De Bonko Friends
(Turns, Kojaku and Toto, Senna Sora, Lisa Lisa, Runa Shimiya)

Live commentary / commentary

Guest commentary

Valorant’s normal rule in one game
One team during the break earns points by predicting the match during the match
・ If the number of round acquisitions becomes 12-12 in each game, decide to win or lose in the Sudon Death method.
・ The map to be used is determined by the operation in advance. (Map pool is Bind Haven Assent)
・ Record the difference in the acquisition round in the game, and give 1 point per round to the winning team

・ Game win / loss / total number of kills / presence or absence of ACE / Round score


1 to 3 points to each expected prediction
・ 1 point with near pin, 3 points perfectly
The team with many points that we gathered will win

・ GALLERIA Biuspo Collaboration Model Information
Collaboration PCs have all 6 types! For more information, please refer to the following site.
Bispo! Collaboration model special site
At the time of the event distribution, we plan to give a coupon code gift that allows you to purchase a collaboration model at a great price. Do not miss it.

・ Event held commemorative Twitter present campaign information
From August 8 (Monday) to commemorate the event, a Twitter campaign to present GALLERIA Bisupo! It will be held on the official Twitter.
Detailed information is Bispo! Please wait for a follow-up report from the official Twitter (https://twitter.com/vspo77).