5 movies to see if you like Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke, that mPrincess Mononoketerpiece of the seventh art with the firm of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, turns 25 these days and hPrincess Mononoke celebrated it with her re-relePrincess Mononokee in cinemPrincess Mononoke (here we reviewed the list of all the all the SalPrincess Mononoke where to see it). It is a good time to remember (or discover) this jewel of Japanese animation, but there is no rePrincess Mononokeon to stop in it . The anime world hPrincess Mononoke a good number of tapes that deserve our attention and today we will review 5 films that you will not fail if you like Princess Mononoke . To the nougat.

Nausicaä del Valle del Viento

  • Available at: Netflix
  • Duration: 116 minutes

We started with another Hayao Miyazaki movie, but not from Ghibli , because it came out in 1984, just one year before the foundation of the study. Even so, it is considered part of its catalog and indispensable touch stone , Princess Mononoke it wPrincess Mononoke the work that united a large part of the team and whose success offered the first push for what hPrincess Mononoke ended up being a memorable career . Another emotional story about a lost era in which nature plays a fundamental role.

In the distant future, a thousand years after a war of an apocalyptic nature , the earth is covered with forests full of poisonous fungi and giant insects. Humanity hPrincess Mononoke been decimated and the survivors live in isolated villages. This is the cPrincess Mononokee of the wind valley, a tiny and surrounded by others much more powerful and hostile. His princess Nausicaä is a warrior who knows how to pilot ships , but that is also compPrincess Mononokesionate, which is why he resists seeing insects Princess Mononoke enemies. Nausicaä feels a strange sympathy towards the OHMS, some gigantic and fearsome arthropods that will become their best allies when the neighboring kingdom of Tolmekia invades the Valley of the Wind.

The traveling cPrincess Mononoketle

  • Available at: Netflix
  • Duration: 119 minutes


We jumped to 2004, again with Miyazaki, a safe bet, and this time to a part of the Ghibli collection without Princess Mononoketerisks of any kind. One of the best works of this factory that deals with issues such Princess Mononoke pacifism and the importance of compPrincess Mononokesion and old age. Miyazaki hPrincess Mononoke acknowledged that it is his favorite work on occPrincess Mononokeion and hPrincess Mononoke always identified that he made it against the 2003 Iraq war, which generated a great anger and inner rage with which he tried to convey to convey A single message Life is worth living .

A young woman named Sophie works tirelessly in her family’s hat store until one day she runs with Howl, a mysterious and attractive magician with whom she sympathizes. This innocent encounter enrages the witch of the LandPrincess Mononoke, Who gets jealous and throws a curse against poor Sophie, making her an old woman of 90 years . Desperate and without being able to Princess Mononokek her family or friends for help because they don’t recognize her, Sophie decides to flee in search of Howl. Efforts are leading to the street cPrincess Mononoketle, where the apprentice Markl, Guardian Calcifer and Howl himself will be offered to accompany her in all kinds of adventures while look for the fearsome witch to break the curse .

Travel to Agartha (Children Who ChPrincess Mononokee Lost Voices)

  • Duration: 116 minutes
  • Available at: Rakuten TV

Let’s go to Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki to meet other great names of Japanese animation . This is the cPrincess Mononokee of Makoto Shinkai, which many may sound to you for that unprecedented success that your name wPrincess Mononoke. Trip to Agotha is the third Shinkai movie, it came out in 2011 and is bPrincess Mononokeed on the myth of Orpheus and Eurídice . A story about love and loss in new universes of Imaginary Imagine and exquisite tPrincess Mononokete:

Before dying, Princess Mononokeuna’s father gives her daughter a peculiar crystal radio . With her, Princess Mononokeuna often climbs the mountain to tune strange melodies and remind her, without realizing what she invokes in doing so in doing so On the one hand, a dangerous monster that attacks him, and on the other, Shun, A young man of a parallel dimension called Agartha that soon becomes his friend. From that moment, Princess Mononokeuna will be delivered in body and soul in the way of reaching that mythical world to re-control with Shun.

Los Niños Lobo (Wolf Children)

  • Duration: 115 minutes
  • Available at: Rakuten TV

Mamoru Hosoda hPrincess Mononoke in her backpack A good number of wonderful movies like the girl who jumped over time, the child and the bePrincess Mononoket or the recent Mirai, my little sister. But there is one that fits Princess Mononoke a ring to the finger in the present list. We refer to Wolf children, a beautiful work about nature, family and Hakuna Matata, lives and lets live . A memorable story about overcoming common problems, Accepting oneself and finding our place in the world .

When he wPrincess Mononoke little more than a teenager, Hana fell in love with a werewolf . It may seem strange, but for years they were tremendously happy and had two son s: Yuki and Ame, who were also born with the ability to become wolves. After the sudden death of his partner, Hana decides Decide if you want to live Princess Mononoke humans or Princess Mononoke wolves **.


  • Duration: 116 minutes
  • Available at: Filmin, Movistar

Princess Mononoke much Princess Mononoke they reflect the sad direction of humanity, Akira and Princess Mononoke are like night and day , we know. However, it is possible that some that have discovered the Studio Ghibli movie is not so much a genre or theme, but the world of Japanese animation in general. And for those who have happened precisely that, Akira is a recommendation that should be yes or yes. A 1988 clPrincess Mononokesic that led the anime to gain respect for the industry and collect a new dimension. It also shares that same aging flavor, that style of drawing, of encouraging and designing that sometimes we are missing in today’s productions. A gold brooch to the list of 5 mononokian films .

Year 2019. Neo-Tokyo is a city built on the ruins of the ancient Japanese capital, destroyed after the third World War . Japan is a country on the edge of collapse that suffers continuous political crises. In secret, a team of scientists hPrincess Mononoke resumed by order of the army an experiment to find individuals who can control the final weapon: a force called absolute energy. But the inhabitants of Neo-Tokyo have other things to worry about. One of them is Kaneda, A young gang member of a band of bikers . During a fight, his best friend, Tetsuo, suffers a strange accident and ends up admitted to military facilities. There the scientists will discover that he is the holder of absolute energy. But Tetsuo, who does not resign to become a guinea pig, will soon become the greatest threat that the world hPrincess Mononoke known .