NO Mans Sky latest large Apde ENDULANCE announcement and distribution started. The cargo ship customization function is greatly enhanced, and interact with crew members

On July 21, the developer Hello Games announced an update 3.94 Endule for NO Man’s Sky and started distribution.

The updates distributed this time have added content related to cargo ships. First, the cargo ship base can be built more large, and many new parts are added. In addition to decorations according to the theme, it can also provide a variety of functions such as food production and planetary scan. A teleport device between the hangar and the Funabashi is also available. It is safe even if the inside of the cargo is wide.

In addition, the door, window, and observatory are installed on the ship, and the observatory and catwalk are installed, making it possible to see the vast universe. The number of black holes, star clouds, and asteroids is also increasing, so you can enjoy such changes. In addition, the crew hired by the players began to walk around the cargo ship. They sometimes show their thoughts.

In deep space, you may meet the organic frigate ship. The forms of those colors and tentacles are automatically generated, like other space creatures. Like Reviasin, it can be welcomed to your own fleet, and you can feed and strengthen your abilities. In addition, the organic frigate ship is also possible to upgrade. You can get various abilities, such as absorbing energy from the enemy’s spaceship.

In addition, the new joint exploration mode Polestar will start soon. While traveling through the galaxy, it will repair the unique technologies of cargo ships and clarify the mysterious past.


In ENDULANCE, there are many additions, adjustment elements, and bug corrections in addition to the listed here. For more information, please check the patch note on the official website.

No Man’s Sky celebrates the 6th anniversary soon. Developers have made great appreciation for the support of Steam players. In addition, comments will continue, Our journey will continue, and further updates will continue in the future.

No Man’s Sky is on sale for PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It will be released on October 7 local time for Nintendo Switch.