How has the new Resident Evil series?

After months in advance, the new series of Resident Evil for Netflix finally premiered at the end of last week. Although the initial reception of critics was moderately positive, ** The public simply did not like this new address for the beloved Capcom franchise.

Currently, Resident Evil of Netflix has a 25% reception in Rotten Tomatoes with 1,200 opinions *, one of the lowest for one of the series of this streaming platform. Along with this, the qualification of criticism is 51% with 35 reviews.


What’s going on here? Well, the low reception can simply be a case of the review bombing. Recall that much of the public has been against the direction of the series since its revelation. Along with this, It is important to mention that this is still very early for the life of the show . As more people see the first season, it is likely that the general qualification rises, although the opposite case is also a possibility.

The first season of resident Evil is now available in Netflix. On related issues, this is what I have mentioned criticism about the series. Similarly, actor of the series did not know that Resident Evil games existed.

Editor’s note:

I have not yet had the opportunity to see the resident evil series, but I would not be surprised that this is a case where both sides are right. Although there are clearly worthwhile, considering the history of the franchise, the case is not the best is not ruled out.