All about Stray, the game in which we are a cat: date, editions, price, gameplay, history

Currently occupies the first position of the most anticipated games of the year in Steam. Stray already seems to exceed the expectations of the players. We will have to wait a few more days to be safe and check the result, but while we leave you here everything you need to know about the cat simulator before buying it.

Stray: Release date, price and editions

Anapurna Interactive and Blue Twelve presented Stray during the Sony PS5 presentation conference in 2020. Originally, she planned her launch in 2021, but the team needed more time and was delayed. The work focuses on a cat that has to deal with the panorama in the future where cyberness has prevailed over humans. In addition to PS5 it will also be released on PS4 and PC.

Stray will be available on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 on PS5, PS4 and PC.
* Subscribers of the new PlayStation Plus (in their extra or premium versions) can play at the time of launch without additional price,
The exclusivity of PlayStation is temporary, but information about a possible Xbox launch has not yet been published.
Stray will be available with texts in Spanish (the characters speak in a fictional language).
The download will probably begin at 00:00.

At the time of its launch, you can buy it in digital version in Steam or PlayStation Store. The base price is of € 29.99 on PC and consoles, but it is currently al-10 % in Steam until its launch.

Recently, the distributor Meridiem Games has announced a physical format version of Stray, which will arrive a little later, specifically on September 20 **, and which will also include 6 postcards with full color art. It can already be reserved.

Stray: PC requirements, weight

If you want to play Stray on PC, these are the minimum and recommended specifications that Steam lists on the official game page:

Stray: gameplay, exploration, duration, skills and robots

Playability and Stray History

Stray is an exploration and platform adventure game **. And the solution to a mystery.

Therefore, your goal is to take control of the adorable cat and try to bring it home, healthy and saved. While you explore this cyberpunk world, you will find riddles to solve and other problems to solve. It will be necessary to observe the scenarios to constantly find solutions and objects that allow progress. A small robot named B-12 will accompany you throughout the adventure and allow the lost cat to communicate with other robots found in the game, which will help develop the history of the world and its inhabitants.


Stray’s cat is unique, you can’t customize it
They need around 8 hours to complete the main story, But more time to collect all collectibles.

Giving life to a cat in a realistic and credible way was one of the main intentions of developers. The vast majority of the development team has its own cat, and the study also has two cats that are carrying out the developers while working.

In addition, the animation of the cats was commissioned to a member of the team called Miko, who studied carefully video clips and images of cats to capture the behavior. The final result is promising, since the game cat moves gently on its legs and demonstrates the flexibility of what is capable while stretching and jumping, looking like a real cat.

Stray: cat skills

On the official PlayStation website, it is possible to find more details about the characteristics of the cat that the player will embody. And it seems that we can truly feel like a cat, since we can do the following:

drop objects *: an innate ability in cats that will be very useful here to find solutions to the puzzles,
Miau : Pressing a single button, you can mullate to interact with the environment. And it can help you survive.
Being curious : The world you are about to explore is full of dangers. Pay attention to cat’s behavior because it will tell you how to react
Sleep *: an essential ability since the cat needs to sleep constantly. Thanks to the haptic feedback of the dualsense controller, you can even feel it.
Scratch your claws : Here again, you will have the impression of destroying a furniture thanks to haptic feedback.
Feel the environment : The cat will use its sense of touch to really pay attention to its environment (cables to climb, box to hide, etc.)

B-12: The skills of the robot that accompanies you

At the beginning of the story, you find a small drone called B-12 that will join your adventure. Using a mixture of the natural skills of the cat and the abilities of B-12, you can explore the city as a whole. This is what you can do:


Interact and translate *: You can ask B-12 to interact with electronic objects (computers, doors, etc.) and help the cat read the robotic language of the signals and understand what the robots say.
Store articles : Although small, B-12 contains the search items inventory. The elements of the inventory can be presented to the inhabitants Robots to progress or trade. B-12 also keeps memories that you can examine later to discover information about the city.
Show the way : Call it at any time to remind you of your current goal, especially if you are lost and you don’t know where to go.
Defender *: Although the speed and agility of the cat are the first line of defense against enemies, an unlockable skill in B-12 gives it ways to defend itself. Zurks await you, enemies similar to ticks and other dangers, and B-12’s skills are limited. Being stealthy and ready is key to avoiding dangers.
illuminates the road *: B-12 has a flashlight to illuminate the dark streets of the city.

The robotic population and the city Cyberpunk

The city is populated by a variety of humanoid robots that are dedicated to their affairs, following the remains of what their previous human lives seem to be. Not all bots react in the same way when you see a cat, and you will see who are friendly and which ones do not advance.

In fact, some robots will help you progress in your adventure. She tries to chat with everyone, since they could be useful.
* The city of Stray is inspired by the Kowloon citadel, a place that has always fascinated Bluetwelve Studios co-founders. The concentration of housing distributed on several levels has some natural for them.
In order not to offer a very dark game, developers have added
neon panels and garlands of lights on stage, but also robots to bring an intriguing narrative, thus marking a contrast between its artificial nature but nevertheless, however, the natural side of the city and the absence of humans.
* The verticality of the city adds a new dimension to the exploration. You will have to solve environmental riddles and search every corner and crack memories that will unlock B-12 data about the city. How do plants grow without sunlight? Where does the robotic alphabet come from? What happened to the ancient inhabitants of the Earth?
Only a cat can access some of these places and unravel past and present mysteries. **