Release of the release date of Benoneta 3… There is also a rear safety mode

You can enjoy it with confidence in the living room… maybe

Three episodes of the Action Game Beneneta series, which became popular, have been released this year. Developer Platinum Games announced on the official Twitter that Venoneta 3 will be released on October 28.

Benoneta is also famous for its ‘rearism’ charm of the witch’s rear as the main character. However, this time, it is known that a new mode has been added to enjoy the game without worrying about the rear. Apart from the surrounding gaze, it is useful for users who were somewhat burdensome.

Platinum Games said, This time, we added innovative NAIVE Angel Mode so that more users can fully enjoy the game. If you turn on this mode, you can enjoy the game directly in the living room without worrying about the screen content. We think so, he said.

According to the example video posted by Platinum Games, if the mode is applied, the body exposure of the body seems to decrease.

On the other hand, the official trailer released on the 13th can check some information about the game itself. First of all, familiar figures such as Enzo, Luca and Rodin appear again. Homunculus, a new enemy forces, is a human-made biological weapon, a threat to destroy the world if Beneenetta does not stop.

Benonetta’s new ability Demon Masquerade also shows off for a while. After the appearance changes using the ability, it is estimated that the action style is clearly different from the body. Instead of Bayoneta, there is also a scene of controlling the new core character ‘Viola’ and playing.

This work is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The limited edition real package , which is also available in Korea, offers more than 200 pages artbooks and three additional game covers (sleeves). Furthermore, Bayoneta 1 and 2 are also scheduled to be released in Korea on September 30 and this fall.