League of legends

LOL: The infallible strategy in the botlane that has made a tank the best ADC of the game

The current Metajuego of League of Legends is being one of the craziest that we have been able to see over the last years. ** Although there is a wide variety of champions with whom we can play and be efficient, it is true that those that predominate are the tanks and wizards of healing. And in spite of the nerfs to this characteristic so hated by many, the cures are still quite important if we do not know how to counteract it in time.

So much so that the position of bot is dominated by two characters that are not even shooters , just an ADC attempt, but a tank and a healing sorceress. Although in reality, all this has an explanation called Senna.

Fasting Senna returns to load

As we have seen with Lolalytics data in their hand, Tahm Kench and Seraphine are being completely dominant in the lower lane . With 56.10% and 54.84% of _winrate respectively, these champions are the best option to climb positions in the shooter position, although in reality all this has a trick, since if we see the duos the duos Stronger at the botlane, you can see that these two champions are with Senna.

The Redeemer has returned to the load with the strategy of the _fasting, a tactic in which the support farmea and Senna collects while the souls to gradually inflate their range and power while their line partner is advanced enough on the scoreboard to be oppressive with the rival. It is not a new technique, since was discovered in 2020 and widely used that same year until it was so much that they killed it… until now.


Although it is currently not as strong as the first time, Senna is still a champion in discord , appearing completely in the metajuego or disappearing without a trace for several months when he receives an important nerf_ner. We will have to see if Riot balances this strategy more, but everything indicates that we will continue to see this roller coaster of _nerfs and improvements to the champion for a few more months.