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[Ranking Analysis] Maple Story aimed at solving heat with Lee Yeol -yeol, hyper burning

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■ gametory ranking-This is the power of hyper burning? ‘Maple Story’
(Collect and select a variety of indicators such as PC room utilization, gametory user voting, community response)
In the first week of July, when the heat began in earnest, Nexon’s explosive rankings of the national MMORPG and Maple Story are outstanding. In the meantime, the first update of ‘IGNITION’, which has raised expectations through the eve, has been applied, and users have surged.

Maple Story Ignition’s first update is the Cygnus Knights Remaster and Hyper Burning Event. Occupation skill effects have been improved, and convenience, latest combat patterns, and strengthening skill growth experiences have been made. The ‘Hyper Burning’ event, which will be held until September 7, is an event that supports 1+2 levels up to level 250, and is aimed at existing characters with new characters and more than 200 levels and level 248.

Characters for Hyper Burning Event can be rewarded according to the achievement level, and if you complete the new ‘Arcane River’ area between the 200th and 250th level, you can get the symbol of the area. In addition, four burning worlds for rapid growth were also opened.

Riot Games’ online FPS Valorant succeeded in ranking 8th with the new episode 5 and ‘Dimension’ updated last week. New skins and new maps ‘Pearl’ have been added, and a new Battle Pass was also introduced. The unique in-game event ‘Crossover’ is also in progress.

The Black Desert, which succeeded in rising three steps from last week, recently entered the world’s own direct service and started its own service around the world. In commemoration of this, we are holding an event to pay various in-game items, and on the 16th, we plan to hold an offline event for Black Desert users.

■ Domestic PC room ranking-June 5 week PC room weekly report

Last week, the total number of PC rooms nationwide was 10.1% compared to last week and 7.2% MoM, about 17.74 million hours. The weekly PC room utilization rate was 15.1%, an increase of 2% compared to the previous week.

Looking at the usage of each game, it showed an increase of 6.1% of the League of Legends, and the PC room share was slightly reduced by 44.5%. ‘FIFA Online 4’ showed an increase of 17.5%of the new legend icon class and the Team of the Season.

‘Maple Story’, which has been ranked in the first update of Ignation, has a doubled usage time in PC room indicators. The market share has also doubled from 3.2%to 5.9%. ‘Valorant’ has strengthened the PC room event benefits with episode 5: Dimensions updates, increasing 37.3%of PC room usage compared to last week.

■ Steam game trend of this week

In this week’s Steam User Statistics rankings, the massive expansion pack of Monster Hunter Rise, which was released last weekend, and ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Brake’ (‘Sun Brake’). Since the launch of Sun Brake, the most concurrent users of Monster Hunter Rise have been counted up to 230,000 people, and have been steadily maintaining 200,000 units.

In addition, ‘Raffe’, which was ranked for the official launch of last week and final chapter update, has been re-ranked, and the four-member online FPS ‘Pay Day 2’ has been ranked. Pay Day 2, which has been continuing its services since its launch in 2013, is introducing new contents by updating the new Hyast ‘Midland Ranch’ in mid-June.

On the other hand, in the trend indicators that can confirm the trends of users on Steam, the newly released racing game F1 2022, as well as Neople’s’ Dungeon & Fighter ‘IP’ DNF Dual ‘and’ Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak ‘I was able to check the back. In addition, ‘Cuphead’, which launched a new DLC last week, also increased the number of users.

FPS Ready OR NOT, which promotes the tactical shooter genre, has also increased the number of users in recent large-scale updates. In addition, Steam summer discounts continue, and more users are gathering more than usual in various games. Steam summer discounts will be held until this week, exactly at 10 am on July 7, based on the Pacific Standards.

■ Domestic mobile game ranking

In this week’s mobile game sales leader, Kakao Games’ new ‘Umamus Me’ is the way to some extent. Umamus Me succeeded in ranking 2nd in Google Play and No. 1 in Apple App Store, starting with the last weekend of mobile in Dex, but the ranking is gradually falling as the service continues.

Another mobile MMORPG ‘Odin: Vala Rising’, which is serviced by Kakao Games, has succeeded in ranking second in Google sales since last week’s first anniversary event. Meanwhile, Blizzard’s mobile RPG Diablo Immortal is gradually falling, and the ranking decline has been detected in the One Store, which has been ranked No. 1 in sales.

In the popular mobile game rankings, the neglected game has a high ranking. In the Google Play Store, Zhuge Liang is raised, and in the Apple App Store, double knives are ranked first. Meanwhile, the mobile game ‘Inder Island with BTS’, which was released last week, has risen to second place in the Apple App Store since its launch on the 28th, but is ranked 6th in the Google Play Store on the 3rd.

■ game Ben Popular Game Voting