That delusion is HD remastered! Steam version Chaos; Head Noah will be released on October 8th

Spike Chun Soft has decided to release the Steam version of the delusion science ADV developed by Mages. The release date is October 8, 2022.

The CHAOS; HEAD series is a scientific Adonnoventure series that depicts a psycho-suspense pense story set in Shibuya. Based on the worldview built based on brain science and quantum theory, the protagonists are involved in a global conspiracy related to the Gigaromaniacs that embodies delusions.

In this work, CHAOS; HEAD, which was released as a delusion science novel, added many new elements such as individual character routes, and supported HEAD NOAH, which has improved the game characteristics as an adventure game. Remaster work. It is said that the story will progress from multiple perspectives based on the New Generation Madness in Shibuya.

In this work, the main character Takumi Saijo features a system called delusion trigger that develops all delusions, and there is no option like a conventional adventure game, and the story is the story by the player using this system. It is said that it branches. You can also watch all opening movies recorded in other models in the past.

Steam version Chaos; Head Noah will be released on October 8. The Steam version of CHAOS; CHILD, the second work of Chaos; Head series, is currently on sale.