New world

Opening of traveling in between data centers and adding 4 globes in Europe

  • 3 does not use during a transfer from a brand-new world to an additional new world.
  • 4 The transfer of world of beginning need to be requested after the withdrawal of all the furnishings in addition to the demolition of the home, yet imperatively before the desertion of the apartment or the land . Otherwise, the compensation discussed above will certainly not apply.

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New globes will certainly maintain this standing until their number of active gamers gets to a particular degree. As quickly as a world is withdrawn from the listing of brand-new globes, the above bonuses will cease to use. Nonetheless, the incentives valid from 90 days after the creation of a personality will certainly constantly be applied, whatever the category of the world.

Concerning the purchase of real estate.

The procurement of real estate on brand-new globes will just be feasible once the expansion of the data centers of Japan and also Europe finished, but likewise once the journey in between data centers is thought about completely secure, After the launch of 6.18. The precise date of the healing will be announced later on.

In the 4 new added worlds, the acquisition of housing will be done only by attracting whole lots.

Pending the takeover, accessibility to the numerous domestic areas will certainly be limited for some time. For individuals wanting to finish the secondary missions listed below, it will be necessary to make use of the inter-world trip.

  • The residence of my desires in Brémée.
  • Your home of my dream dreams.
  • Your home of my dreams in Lavandière.
  • The picturesque structure of Shirogane.
  • Empyrée, in the open air.

Travel in between data centers.

(Explanations drawn from the main recap of the 69th letter from the real-time manufacturer of April 30, 2022).

The trip in between data centers will allow players to take part and also mingle in missions with other individuals on various data centers.

The checking out characters that utilize this function will have presented together with their character name.

In enhancement to limitations similar to those that use when using the world visit system, features such as free-free, LSIM (Linkshell Inter-Monde) and also JCJ groups will certainly be restricted throughout The check out of an additional data center.

In 6.2, we plan to allow players to join LSIMs located situated their destination data information facility using utilizing trip journey data.

Unlike the world browse through system, specifications do not permit personalities to start a journey to data center when they are at risk. Therefore, the trip between data centers will certainly be initiated from the character choice menu.

By choosing a personality as well as opening up the listing of sub-comments, you can choose the travel option to a data center and also select the data facility to see. From there, returning to the title display, you will launch the travel procedure to the wanted data facility.

In order to promote a safe data transfer, the transfer process can not be terminated. In normal circumstances, besides all blockage, the transfer procedure need to take about 2 to 3 mins.

We would certainly be grateful to you to think about the journey between data centers as a long term journey instead of a quick browse through.

Once the transfer procedure is completed, you can connect by choosing your destination world along with your personality. Go back to your original data center will certainly need the exact same procedure.

The journey in between data centers will certainly allow you to take part in the material and various other tasks that you can do using the world see.

During a previous press release, we introduced our two-step development strategy of European data processing facilities.

The very first of these two stages must be established on Tuesday, July 5, with the arrival of the 6.18 upgrade, including two new globes for each and every of the facilities (Mayhems as well as Light), for an overall of 4 brand-new worlds.

New worlds added to the chaos data

  • Sagittarius
  • Phantom

  • The release of upgrade 6.18 will consist of the expansion of data centers in addition to the enhancement of the trip in between data centers, and will need a 24-hour maintenance period.

About new worlds

You can get bonus offers by creating new personalities in these globes, or picking to make it your brand-new world of beginning.

Nonetheless, note that during the maintenance coming before the deployment of the 6.18, the world of origin change service will certainly be disturbed. It will certainly be recovered when the development of the data centers of Japan as well as Europe is completed, yet likewise when the new attribute carried out with the 6.18, the trip between data centers, will be considered completely secure. The date of resumption of this solution will certainly be connected to you later on.

Perk for the creation of a character in a new world

Reward appointed throughout the very first link

  • Louted experience gain (approximately degree 79).
  • 10 Pennes of Silver Chocobo Exchangeable for parts of medium as well as low degree equipment.

Reward acquired for any type of character created in a new world reaching degree 30 in any type of course .

  • 1 million gils (* 1).
  • 15 days of cost-free play (* 2).

  • 1 can only be obtained when by service account. If you have actually profited from the past from an identical perk, you will certainly no longer be eligible.
    When producing a personality on a new world or a designated world, > * 2 can just be gotten when by solution account.

Incentive during a transfer of the original world.

  • Transfer to the new world of cost-free initial (* 3).
  • Gain of knowledgeable experience (approximately degree 79) (valid for 90 days after the transfer).
  • 10 Pennes of gold chocobo for special things such as uncommon structures.
  • GRIE payment for individuals with an apartment or a home (* 4).

New worlds added to the Light Data

  • Alpha
  • Raiden

Who among you will move or create a new character on among the brand-new web servers?

HoweverNevertheless note that during the maintenance upkeep the deployment of the 6.18, the world globe origin beginning modification will be interruptedDisrupted It will certainly be restored when the development of the data centers of Japan as well as Europe is completed, yet additionally as soon as the brand-new feature applied with the 6.18, the journey between data centers, will certainly be taken into consideration adequately stable. >
New worlds will certainly this status standing till number of active energetic gamers gets to certain particularDegree As soon as a world is withdrawn from the checklist of new globes, the above benefits will certainly stop to use. The bonus offers legitimate from 90 days after the development of a personality will certainly always be used, whatever the classification of the world.