Railway operation sim Railway Napin! Route every Koichi Railway Released in August for Nintendo Switch. Become a driver in Gifu

Sonic Powered Co., Ltd. is June 27, a railway operation simulation game Railway Nippon! The Route will be released in August. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch, and the price is 6980 yen (excluding tax) for both the package and download version.


Railway Topan! The Route Route Railway Edition is a railway operation simulation game Railway Nippon! It is the latest work of the route series. The major feature is that the front observation video taken locally was used with the cooperation of railway companies. The stage of this work is the local line of Gifu Prefecture and the Koichi Railway. Players can challenge the driving vehicle on a 25.1km route from Ena Station to Akechi Station.

The driving is the Achi 100 type manufactured in 2017. It is a new diesel car where the diesel engine groan. It operates while corresponding to keeping the speed limit and signs and stopping according to the stop position. Regarding the Koichi Railway, it is said that while cherry blossoms such as cherry blossoms bloom along the line, it is a route with many steep slopes and steep curves. The aim is to drive safely using the operation of the mascon and brakes while being affected by the intense acceleration and deceleration over the pass. However, this work adopts an easy operation, and anyone can easily enjoy the driver’s mood.

In this work using live-action images, not only the gameplay is real and powerful, but also the scenery of this era has been cut out, which has the value of materials as a route video. In addition, this work also includes tourist attractions along the line and railway materials. As you proceed with the game, you will be able to feel the charms and journey of the route along the route.

Railway Topan! The route of the Koichi Railway is scheduled to be released in August for Nintendo Switch.