Disaster search guide to external worlds

The distress signal is one of the many fascinating side quests The Outer Worlds with special awards and experience. To start this quest, you must first start the side quest passage anywhere.

After performing a quest called a stranger in a foreign country, where you need to withdraw unreliable from Terra-2 and make him fly again, Fineas Wells will suit you. Fineas will ask you to get the Stellar Bay navigation key named Gladys.

Gladys is located in the grantbreaker, so you will have to go there to talk to her. The conversation with Gladys will ultimately lead to the fact that you will have to buy from her the Stellar Bay Navkey key totaling 10,000 bits.

You probably will not have so much money, therefore, in order to compensate for this, Gladys will offer you a deal by which she will appoint you a task for which she will give you the bats necessary for the purchase of Navkey. After talking with her, you will open a side quest: a distress signal.

The task that Gladys offers you is quite long. Gladys tells you that an engineer named Edna sent her a distress signal from an avanthopost called Rosway.

She wants you to explore the distress signal and find all the secrets that should be sold to the one who pays more. Having passed the secrets of Gladys, you will receive enough bits to buy a navigation key from her.

AVAVPOST: Disaster search guide

After you unlock the side quest Dislection Signal, you will need to take a number of steps to perform it. We divided these steps below into simple parts for your convenience. Now there are two ways to perform this quest.

Gladys concluded a deal with you to investigate the distress signal and offer her all the secrets that you will find along the way. Giving her these secrets will complete the quest and give you 10,000 bits to buy Navkey from her.

In addition, you do not have to reveal secrets to her, you can sell secrets to any buyer you want, and then tell Gladys about it. In any case, you will still have enough bits to buy Navkey and perform a quest.

Listen to the distress signal

Return to unreliable and interact with hell to reproduce the distress signal that Gladys sent you. After viewing the distillation signal, ADA will tell you that now you can access the Roseway landing site. You will also be notified of a couple of interesting people, namely; Anton Crane, over Cortes and Orson show.

Go to Rosuei

As soon as you receive the navigation coordinates of the Rosei landing site from the distress signal, the time has come to go to Rosei. Go to an unreliable navigation terminal, select Terra-2, and then select the Roseway landing site from the proposed options. In a few minutes you will be in Rosee. Go to the exit from the unreliable and land in place.

Get secrets

The secrets that you need are presented in the form of research and schemes. Remember three people mentioned earlier? Well, these three people have a research work that you have to find for them.

Research Anton Crane
The research of Anton Crane is the first secret. Go to Anton Crane to the communications building in Rosue. Interact and talk to Anton and ask him if he needs help.

The conversation with Anton will open two new side quests; Rock, who came to Rosei and In his footsteps. The implementation of these side missions will lead you to obtain research by Anton Crane.

You can find a study by Anton Crane in a secret laboratory. The secret laboratory is flooded with criminals and raptidons. You need to eliminate them all.

In the end, you will encounter the head of criminals, a woman named Kassandra O’Malel. She stole the research of Anton Crane, and you must get them from her.

You can either convince it to give it to you, or kill it, in any case you will receive a study. Then you can sell this study / secret to Anton or Gladys, this is your choice, because you will get bits anyway.

Research Won Cortes


Studies of Won Cortes are the second secret. Visit Cortes in the luxurious Roseway apartments. A conversation with him will open an additional side mission: an amateur alchemist. You need to fulfill this side mission in order to get studies of Won Cortes.

The study of Vaughn Cortes is also inside the secret laboratory. Having found his workstation, you will be offered three options; Clean, complete or repeat. If you choose either to complete or recalbur, you will receive a study, but if you decide to clean it, it will be destroyed.

It is better to choose a complete or recalburize the option so that you can get a study by Cortes is a second secret. Then you can either sell research to Von or Gladys, in any case you will receive bats.

Orson’s weapons plans
Go and talk with Orson the show. Having talked with Orson the show and asking whether he needs help, you will open a side mission called Hammer of the Volcano.

He will also inform you of his weapons schemes. Weapons schemes are the third secret in Rosue.

Go to the Orson laboratory, and there you will find the Force Pistol Schemes, the schemes are placed on paper on the wall. Then you can sell this secret to Gladys.

Return to Gladys

The last step to perform a side quest: Disaster signal is to return to the Gladys in the pioneer and exhaust all the options regarding the secrets that you found in Rosuee, as well as sell them if you want.

You can also buy a STELLAR BAY NAVKEY key from her, if you want.