To the addition of Resident Evil Village, Third -person viewpoint mode

Capcom announced on June 14 at Capcom Showcase that a third-person perspective will be added to the Resident Evil Village. It will be distributed on October 28 as one of the additional content called WINTER’S EXPANSION.

The main part of Resident Evil Village is basically deployed from a first-person perspective. Like Resident Evil 7 Resident’s Evil, a format to advance the story from Ethan Winters’ perspective was adopted, and a highly immersive experience was delivered. However, a third-person viewpoint mode that changes the player’s point of view itself is added. You can proceed with the main game with a camera looking at Ethan’s back. There are many requests, and it will be implemented in a way that responds.

This third-person perspective element has also been introduced in the DLC Shadow of Rose. In the DLC, Rose can be operated from a third-person perspective, and the third-person perspective will be used in the main part of Resident Evil Village. It is unusual for a first-person viewpoint to be officially introduced in a third-person perspective mode in an update. If you change the viewpoint, the play experience itself will change, so it will be a nice attempt for a third-person perspective.


The third-person viewpoint mode of Resident Evil Village will be distributed on October 28.