Diablo 3

Many new details about Diablo IV

At the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase exhibition, a new cinema was shown on the expected Action-RPG Diablo IV. Thus, the company announced the fifth starting class of heroes-necromancer. In addition, the studio shared some details about the game and showed new gameplay personnel.

According to Blizzard, we can conclude that a game-service awaits us. This is the first case in the franchise, except for the recent mobile Diablo Immortal. Prior to this, Diablo came out with a finished product, which later received one large plot add-on.

The audience was also informed that in the fourth part the passage of the plot does not end the game, but on the contrary, it opens up many new opportunities and prospects. And this is not about a constant set of new levels through the farm of the same activities.


So far, it is finally unclear whether the game will become a full-fledged MMO, or will support some hybrid version of the cooperative game, but it is known that Diablo IV will be a cross-platform product. The release of the game is scheduled for 2023, but for now you can apply for participation in testing.