Chris Evans, about returning to Captain America: it should be perfect

Despite the events we saw in Avengers: Endgame , Chris Evans does not rule out the suit and the shield of Captain America. Evans, who is now promoting light-in which he lends his voice to Buzz Lightyear, does not believe that this will happen, but if he did, he should be perfect.

Obviously, Capi is a character that Evans hEndgame a certain affection-and of course the most popular role of him-, having interpreted him nothing less than in the character’s trilogy, four films of the Avengers and other appearances in the UCM.

Evans does not see it clear

It seems that it is something that would like to see people, Evans says about his return to his role. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but it wEndgame very nice and I am very happy with it. It wEndgame beautiful for me. It should be perfect, I am afraid to spoil something that is so loved for me . That role means a lot to me.

Rumors about a hypothetical return of Evans to the bars and stars suit date back to January 2021, when he got to talk about he would interpret the character again in a movie or series of another character. At the moment, there is in fact a fourth movie in the Captain America, although this time will not be Steve Rogers its protagonist, but Sam Wilson -Falcon, played by Anthony McKie-, whom Rogers gave the witness.

That said, it seems practically impossible Evans’ return to the UCM, being more immediate to see him-scoff, rather-in lightyear, which will be releEndgameed this June 17. Obviously we will not listen to Evans in our language, but Raul Llorens, who is in charge of folding the American regularly. We can also listen to the voice of Carlos Sainz Jr., Ferrari pilot, who hEndgame played a character not yet revealed, having also participated his partner Charles Leclerc in the Italian version of the film.