This is the model that gives life to Ashley in the remake of Resident Evil 4

The public’s prayers were heard, and the remake of Resident Evil 4 was announced during the last State of Play. The first advance took a look at characters like Leon, Luis and Ada. Along with this, we had our first look at Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter we need to rescue in the game. Shortly after this revelation, It was revealed who the actress is responsible for giving life to the character , and it is a YouTube model and star.

Through her official account on Twitter of her, ** she Frey What she commented:

When I saw the trailer, I almost cried. I am so happy at this time. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

The Model of Dutch origin surely lent her image for the figure of Ashley Graham, and she she will not take care of interpreting the character . Recall that the same thing happened with the remake of _resident Evil 3,where Sasha Zotova, model of Russia, was the base of Jill Valentine.

Apparently, the participation of She Freya had a good reception in social networks , since many have pointed out that she has similar facial features to those of the original model we saw in 2005. In related issues, so The remake is seen compared to the original. Similarly, fans have found a connection with resident Evil Village and this new title.

Editor’s note:

She Freya is perfect for Ashley’s role, at least in her appearance. We still need to meet the person who will take care of her voice, and see how well she does it compared to the original work. However, considering the high level of production that resident Evil remakes tell, I don’t think we have problems in this section.