GTA San Andreas: Mod shows the Groove Street in Unreal Engine 5

The new Unreal Engine 5 has been officially available for some time now, and talented developers have immediately done some extremely impressive things with them. For example, well -known games such as Portal, Need for Speed 3, and also The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, were a lot prettied up by using the Unreal Engine 5. Tech demos from developers also showed us what the new engine is capable of.

GTA San Andreas Remake - Amazing Showcase In Unreal Engine 5 l Concept Trailer

the GTA Trilogy could have looked so good

The next game, which received a graphic revision from a committed player, is the popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from 2004. In a almost two -minute video, the YouTuber teaser play shows what the Grove Street with the new Unreal Engine 5 looks like.

Understandably, the YouTuber could not help but distribute a small swipe in the direction of Rockstar Games, as they disappointed their fans with their recently published GTA Trilogy. In the video itself, the protagonist Carl Johnson in particular makes a pretty good impression with his detailed appearance. According to the teaser play, the 3D model was provided by Hossein Diba, another YouTuber. This focused on the general design of characters for games and cinematics on his channel.

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GTA: San Andreas: Fan remake looks better than the remaster!

A GTA fan is building GTA: San Andreas with the help of the Far-Cry 5 engine and thus creates his own remake of the Rockstar Games classic.

With all these grandiose fan remakes and the like that were brought to life with the help of the Unreal Engine 5, it is no wonder that more and more developer studios are relying on the new engine. For example, the new offshoot of the Tomb-Raider series should put on the engine, and Mass Effect 5 should also be driven by this.

By Daniel Link
05/23/2022 at 9:00 p.m.