How to read an unreadable note in the “Little Witch in the Forest”

An unreadable note is a note that you will find at the beginning of the game, but for a while it puts Ellie. The note can be the key to the salvation of the village, so how to make Ellie read the note and help to unravel the secret of a “little witch in the forest”.

How to complete the quest “Unreadable note” in the “Little Witch in the Forest”

Little Witch in the Woods Game | Complete Gameplay
You will need to make a potion of increasing intelligence to allow Ellie to read the note. However, before you can get a potion recipe, you need to talk with Diana. Make sure the note is in your inventory and find Diana near the witch’s house. Talk to her about the memo and she will tell you that the potion of increasing intelligence will increase Ellie’s intelligence so that it can read in the ancient language.

how to get and prepare a potion of intelligence increase

To study the potion of increasing intelligence, you will need 10 coins of the moon and buying a scroll of a recipe from a witch catalog . As soon as you get a scroll, open your inventory and click on it so that Ellie can find out the recipe. After that, collect the materials for the recipe (for this potion you will need a roasting). Make the ingredients and then drink the potion. Make sure that the memo is in your inventory. When you drink the potion, since Ellie will immediately read the note in the KAT scene. She and Virgil will discuss the text and reveal a secret recipe.

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