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Salt and Sacrifice The Green Huntsman Boss Гайд

Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D-role game in which you play for the inquisitor, wander along the western borders and track the magicians wandering around the ground. This leadership will talk about a clash with the boss of the green hunter in Salt and Sacrifice. We will tell you where to find a green hunter, how to win it and what awards fall from him.

salt and victim of the location of a green hunter

The green hunter is a mythical resident of the forest that you can face if you manage to defeat three named magicians in village of Eshborn .

When you defeat all three named magicians, go inside. District Archridge and make himself at the top of the district. On the way you will meet several enemies.

Salt And Sacrifice The Green Huntsman Boss Fight
As soon as you get to the top, you will notice a sealed door that will lead you to the boss of the green hunter in Valsnayt-Square .

How to win a green hunter in Salt and Sacrifice

A green hunter has a very simple and quick attack style. Instead of staying at a distance, you need to be as close as possible to the boss.

The green hunter makes swing ax down. This is a quick attack, so you must correctly calculate the evasion time and deliver a couple of blows to the boss. When the health of a green hunter falls below 50 percent, he will swing twice. Instead of dodging the boss inside, roll back from him to avoid deadly damage, and apply a couple of blows to the boss.

When you are far from the boss, the green hunter will either shoot from the bow, or hit the jump with an ax to move away from you.

You can easily dodge the onion from the arrow, but you will have time to dodge when it will be in the air to strike with an ax in the jump.

salt and victim Green Hunter falls / awards

As soon as you defeat the green hunter, he will reward you as follows:

  • 2 Ashpir
  • Chalice of spells
  • 4450 salt

  • 700 silver