Sony: quarterly figures: PS5 scratches the 20 million

Like Nintendo, Sony has announced its numbers for the last quarter and thus the past financial year today. There is information about console sales, PS-Plus subscribers and profit.

In the almost one and a half years between the PS5 release in November 2020 and the end of the last financial year on March 31, 2022, Sony was able to sell 19.3 million PS5 consoles; Of this, 7.8 million of the previous year and 11.5 for the last year. It would of course be exciting how much higher the sales would be if every interested customer would have received a PlayStation 5. In the meantime, the PS4 does not happen that much: only around one million units of the previous hardware went over the counter; Of course, the total number of 117 million consoles remains impressive.


Sony’s net profit decreases, but is still impressive: If it was 7.5 billion euros in the previous financial year, this time there were still 6.4 billion. Operative profit (8.7 billion) and sales (72 billion) even rose before the period before. The figures for the PS-Plus service stagnate at an impressive level: 47.4 million from the 47.6 million paying customers of the previous year became 47.4 million on March 31, 2022.

We take a look at the software page: A title encryption of the most successful games à la Nintendo is missing, but there are global software sales from the Sony cosmos: In the past financial year, this was 303 million games, which was compared to the period before (339 million) means a noticeable decline; 66 percent of game sales were downloads.