Craftton, PCS6 Asia China Petrichol ROAD

PUBG: Battleground (Battleground) of Craepon (CEO Kim Chang -han) announced on the 9th that the PubG Continental Series (PUBG CONTINATAL SERIES), a global esports competition, ended successfully.

The PCS6, which was held online from April 29 to May 8, is Asia (Korea, China, Japan, Chinese Taipei/Hong Kong/Macau), ▲ Asia Pacific (Southeast Asia, Oceania) ▲ It was divided into four regions in Europe (Western Europe, Middle East & Africa). The teams played a two -week fierce game for a total of $ 1 million for $ 250,000 for each region.

[EN] PCS6 ASIA DAY 6 | PUBG Continental Series 6
The honor of the PCS6 Asia’s championship was returned to China’s Petrichol Road. The champion of PCS4 and PCS5 Asia, Petrichol Road, once again became the strongest in Asia and set up a three -year -old gold tower. The beginning was not smooth. Petrichoor Road, which started 15th place on the 1st, seemed to have been pushed out of the competition, with a gap of more than 50 points in the first week and 50 points.

However, starting the second week of the tournament, he swept the top of the chicken, 94 kills and 148 points, and won the band electrode to win the final 153 kills and 239 points. Petrichol ROAD, who won the championship, received 200 PGC points for the “PGC 2022” seed, which covers $ 80,000 and world champions.

In the PCS6 Asia, the Chinese team, including the Petrichol ROAD, stood out. The Chinese team won all the championships to the fifth place. In the second place, TYLOO, which recorded 232 points, rose. TYLOO earned $ 36,000 and 120 PGC points. The third place Tianba Esports has a prize of $ 21,000 and a PGC point of 95 points, and the fourth place JUFU has a prize of $ 16,000, PGC points 80 points, and 5th 17gaming costs $ 12,000 and 65 points for PGC points. Each was obtained.

Korean teams struggled with the strength of the Chinese team. Gen.G (Zenji), who won the chicken in the last match and won the beauty of Yoo Jong -jong, ranked sixth, earning $ 11,000 and 50 PGC points. Kwangdong FREECS, which was expected to win the Pubsu Weekly Series: Phase1, was in the final seventh place. In addition, Ghibli Esports (Gibli Esports) is 9th, Danawa E-Sports (Danawa E-Sports) 13th, Veronica7 (Veronica 7) is 15th, and Maru Gaming (Maru Gaming) ranks 16th. It was finished.

AIXLEFT of the Petrichaor Road, selected as the MVP of the tournament, scored the highest kill and earned an additional $ 5,000. Tyloo was one of the most impressive competitions (Insane Squad), and received $ 5,000 in prize money.The four players (All-PCS Team) selected by the selection team are AIXLEFT players of Petrichoor Road, JUFU’s XYANG Player, TYLOO’s Jiaoyang player, 17gaming’s Shou player.

They will receive $ 2,500 each. The total prize money of the tournament, including excellent player prizes, is $ 250,000, but the cumulative prize of each team will be larger through the Pick’EM Challenge.

Meanwhile, starting June 16, the Pubg Nations Cup 2022 (PNC 2022) will be held. The PNC 2022 will be held for four days in Bangkok, Thailand, and four players selected in each country will be held in the national squad. ▲ In the Americas, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, ▲ Asia Pacific, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, ▲ In Asia, Korea, China, Japan, Chinese Taipei, ▲ Participate.

Korea is the national squad of KWANGDONG FREECS ‘Rash Kay’ Kim Dong-joon, ‘Seoul’ of Danawa E-Sports, ‘Innoix’ Na Hee-joo, DWG KIA (Damwon Kia) do.